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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

PROCLAMATION 5365—AUG. 30, 1985

99 STAT. 2077

4. Section 604 of the Trade Act (19 U.S.C. 2483) confers authority upon the President to embody in the TSUS the substance of the relevant provisions of that Act, of other Acts affecting import treatment, and of actions taken thereunder. In addition, section 8(b)(2) of the FTA Act (which amends Title V of the Trade Act) confers authority upon the President to embody in the Ante, p. 84. TSUS, by proclamation, actions taken with respect to the GSP. In order to implement the duty reductions authorized by the FTA Act and to facilitate the administration of the preferential tariff regimes described above, it is necessary or appropriate to incorporate the duty treatment provided pursuant to the relevant provisions of the GSP, the Trade Agreements Act, the 19 USC CBERA, and the FTA Act, in a rate of duty column in the TSUS entitled 1351-1354. 1Q TTQP 9701

"Special", and to make other necessary and conforming changes as set i» uo*^ ^(ui. forth in Annexes I through XI to this Proclamation. 5. In Proclamation 5291 of December 28, 1984, I determined that modifica- Ante, p. 2007. tions in the TSUS were appropriate in order to provide duty-free coverage comparable to the expanded coverage provided by other signatories to the Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft (31 UST (pt. 1) 619). Through technical error, the staged reductions in rates of duty for certain tariff items redesignated by the Proclamation were omitted. Accordingly, I have determined that due to the implementation of Proclamation 5291 that further modifications to Annex III to Proclamation 4707 of December 11, 1979, set forth in 93 Stat. 1559. Annex XII to this Proclamation, are appropriate in order to ensure the application of such reductions in customs duties for articles classified in those tariff items. 6. In order to make technical corrections in the preferential treatment under the GSP for articles that are imported from countries designated as beneficiary developing countries consistent with the changes to the TSUS which have resulted from the implementation of Proclamation 5291 of December 28, 1984, and Proclamation 5305 of February 21, 1985, I have determined Ante, p. 2019. that the technical corrections to Executive Order No. 11888 of November 24, 1975, as amended, and general headnote 3 set forth in sections A and B, 3 CFR, respectively, of Annex XIII to this Proclamation, are appropriate. 1971-1975 Comp., p. 1038. 7. In Proclamation 5133 of November 30, 1983, as amended by Proclamation 5142 of December 29, 1983, and Proclamation 5308 of March 14, 1985, I des- 98 Stat. 3544; ignated certain countries and territories as "beneficiary countries" under «"^e, p. 2022. section 212 of the CBERA. Section 213(c)(2)(A) of the CBERA provides that 19 USC 2703. duty-free treatment under the CBERA for sugar and beef products that are the product of a beneficiary country shall be suspended if such beneficiary country, within the ninety-day period beginning on the date of its designation as a beneficiary country, does not submit a stable food production plan to the President. I have not received stable food production plans from five beneficiary countries (Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines) within the required ninety-day period. As provided by section 213(c)(3) of the CBERA, I have entered into consultations with these five beneficiary countries. These countries do not export sugar or beef products to the United States and, therefore, have determined not to submit stable food production plans at this time. Should they wish to export either sugar or beef products in the future, they may submit a stable food production plan for review by the United States Government at that time. In accordance with section 213(c)(2)(A) of the CBERA, I am suspending duty-free treatment extended under the CBERA to sugar and beef products that are the product of these five beneficiary countries. I will terminate the suspension of duty-free treatment under the CBERA imposed by this Proclamation with regard to any affected beneficiary countries which take appropriate action to remedy the factors on which the suspension was based.