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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985

PUBLIC LAW 99-190—DEC. 19, 1985

99 STAT. 1207

made between such funds in such amounts as may be determined by the Secretary of Defense, with the approval of the Office of Management and Budget, except that transfers between a stock fund account and an industrial fund account may not be made unless the Secretary of Defense has notified the Congress of the proposed transfer. Except in amounts equal to the amounts appropriated to working capital funds in this Act, no obligations may be made against a working capital fund to procure war reserve material inventory, unless the Secretary of Defense has notified the Congress prior to any such obligation. SEC. 8022. None of the funds available to the Department of Defense shall be utilized for the conversion of heating plants from coal to oil at defense facilities in Europe. SEC. 8023. No part of the funds in this Act shall be available to prepare or present a request to the Committees on Appropriations for reprograming of funds, unless for higher priority items, based on unforeseen military requirements, than those for which originally appropriated and in no case where the item for which reprograming is requested has been denied by the Congress. SEC. 8024. None of the funds contained in this Act available for the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services under the provisions of section 1079(a) of title 10, United States Code, shall be available for reimbursement of any physician or other authorized individual provider of medical care in excess of the eightieth percentile of the customary charges made for similar services in the same locality where the medical care was furnished, as determined for physicians in accordance with section 1079(h) of title 10, United States Code. SEC. 8025. No appropriation contained in this Act may be used to pay for the cost of public affairs activities of the Department of Defense in excess of $43,563,000: Provided, That costs for military retired pay accrual shall be included within this limitation. SEC. 8026. None of the funds provided in this Act shall be available for the planning or execution of programs which utilize amounts credited to Department of Defense appropriations or funds pursuant to the provisions of section 37(a) of the Arms Export Control Act representing payment for the actual value of defense articles specified in section 21(a)(l)(A) of that Act: Provided, That such amounts shall be credited to the Special Defense Acquisition Fund, as authorized by law, or, to the extent not so credited shall be deposited in the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts as provided in section 3302(b) of title 31, United States Code. SEC. 8027. No appropriation contained in this Act shall be available to fund any costs of a Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps unit—except to complete training of personnel enrolled in Military Science 4—which in its junior year class (Military Science 3) has for the four preceding academic years, and as of September 30, 1983, enrolled less than (a) seventeen students where the institution prescribes a four-year or a combination four- and two-year program; or (b) twelve students where the institution prescribes a two-year program: Provided, That, notwithstanding the foregoing limitation, funds shall be available to maintain one Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps unit in each State and at each State-operated maritime academy: Provided further, That units under the consortium system shall be considered as a single unit for purposes of evaluation of productivity under this provision: Provided further. That enrollment standards contained in Department of Defense Directive




QL. 3



Prohibitions. Health and medical care. 98 Stat. 2543, 2617.

98 Stat. 2617. Prohibitions.


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