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MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY PRESS Publications OF THE University of Manchester. EDUCATIONAL SERIES So. I. CONTINUATION SCHOOLS IN ENGLAND AND ELSEWHERE. Their place in the Educational System of an Industrial and Commercial State. By Michael E. Sadler, M.A., LL.D., Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds, and late Professor of the History and Administration of Education in the University of Manchester. Demy Svo, pp. xxvi. 779. 8s. 6d. net (Publication No. 29. 1907-) No. II. THE DEMONSTRATION SCHOOLS RECORD. No. I. Being Contributions to the Study of Education from the Department of Education in the University of Man- chester. By J. J. Findlav, M.A., Ph.D., Sarah Fielden Professor of Education. Demy 8vo, pp. viii. 126. is. 6d. net. (Publication No. 32, 1908.) No. III. THE TEACHING OF HISTORY IN GIRLS' SCHOOLS IN NORTH AND CENTRAL GERMANY. A Report by Eva Dodge, M.A., Gilchrist Student. Demy 8vo, pp. x. 149. is. 6d. net (Publication No. 34, 1908.) No. IV. THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION IN THE UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, 1S90-1911. Demy Svo,

pp., with 12 plates, is. 6d. net, paper; 2s. 6d. net, 

cloth. (Publication No. 58, 1911.) Published in commemoration of the twenty-first anniversary of the Education Department. No. V. OUTLINES OF EDUCATION COURSES IN MAN- CHESTER UNIVERSITY. Demy 8vo, pp. viii. 190. 3s. net. (Publication No. 61. 1911. No. VI. THE STORY OF THE MANCHESTER HIGH SCHOOLS FOR GIRLS, 1871-1911. By Sara A. Burstau., M. A., Head Mistress, Special Lecturer in Education. Demy Svo, pp. xx. 214. with iS Plates. 5s. net. (Publication No. 63, 1911.) No. VII. THE DEMONSTRATION SCHOOLS RECORD, No. 2. Edited by J. J. Ftndlay, M.A.,Ph.D., Sarah Fielden Professor of Education. [*« the Press.