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inspection of the prohibitions. Can any one doubt whether a mother is a blood-relation? Is evasion here possible? Let the reader open his Bible, and look at the first prohibition, (v. 7.) What is it? "The nakedness of thy mother shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness." Observe, too, the prohibition is repeated.

3. Omicron in fact yields the point in dispute; for he shows that a step-daughter is expressly prohibited, in verse 17. What is a step-daughter? Not a blood-relation, as he represents her to be, but manifestly a relation by affinity, or marriage.

Thus, by his own showing, the general rule in the sixth verse includes relations by affinity, as well as by consanguinity. If there were no other cases of the kind, this single prohibition would be decisive of the question. But there are more; not less than eight, as already shown, (page 177,) viz., step-mother, father's brother's wife, daughter-in-law, brother's wife, wife's daughter or step-daughter, wife's son's daughter, and her daughter's daughter, and wife's sister. So that the number of affinity-relations is