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BOTANY fore indicative of pure and moist air. In the eastern counties of England, where the atmosphere is drier, they are by no means so numerous as in the moister air of the western and southern counties. Surrey is probably rich in species growing in woodlands and on walls, in those found on heaths and on flint stones and chalk, but as the students of lichenology in this county have been extremely few and their researches have been confined to a very few localities, chiefly the tract of country between Guildford and Dorking and the neighbourhood of Esher, the number of species recorded is comparatively small. Never- theless a few rare species have been met with. Of these may be mentioned Lecidea spododes and L. Ntege/ii, found by Dr. Capron at Shiere ; L. lubens, found by the Rev. J. M. Crombie at Shiere ; also Verrucaria sfarsu/a, found by Mr. W. Joshua at Dorking, the last three not having been found recorded from elsewhere in Great Britain, al- though L. Nagelii has also been found in Ireland. There are thus two species apparently peculiar to Surrey, although it is of course possible they may subsequently be found in other counties. Another very rare species also found by Dr. Capron at Shiere is Opegrapha prosodea, which has also been recorded from Jersey, but from nowhere else in Britain than in Surrey. The list of lichens hitherto found in the county is nevertheless a very small one : but as it is somewhat mixed in character, containing some comparatively rare and other very common species, whilst a large number of common species have never been recorded that would almost certainly reward a careful search, a full list is here given, so far as county records are obtainable. The most recent work on British lichens, by the Rev. J. M. Crombie, being incomplete, the previous work, by the Rev. W. A. Leigh ton, The Lichen Flora of Great Britain (3rd edit.), has been followed both as to classification and nomenclature except in those cases in which new species have been discovered since Leighton's work was published. In such cases Crombie's work has been followed. My own initials are only given after species not mentioned in either of these works as occurring in Surrey, and are therefore more recent records. The initials 'J. M. C.' indicate that the species are mentioned in his work without the name of the finder, but the specimens have not necessarily been found by himself, the list of localities given in his work referring to specimens in the Cryptogamic Herbarium of the British Museum. The initials ' W. B.' refer to William Borrer late of Henfield ; < W. J.' to William Joshua late of Cirencester ; and ' E. C.' to Dr. E. Capron of Shiere. COLLEMACEI (Jelly Lichens) COLLKMEI (continued) COLLEMEI Collema limosum, Ach. Croydon (E. M. H.) Collema pulposum, Bernh. Reigate granuliferum, Nyl. Headley Lane (J. M. C.) (E. M. H.) var. ceranoides, Borr. Shiere Leptogium microphyllum, Ach. Ockley (J. M. C.) Green (W. B.) var. tenax, Ach. Reigate (J. M. C.) cretaceum, Sm. Reigate (W. J.) 61