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BOTANY LECANO-LECIDEII (continued] LECANO-LECIDEII (continued] Pertusaria globulifera, Turn. ) Shiere Lecidea effusa, Sm., var. caesiopruinosa, Phlyctis agelaea, Ach. J (J. M. C.) Mudd. Shiere (E. C.) argena, Ach. Hademere (J. M. C.) tantilla, Nyl. Reigate (W. J.) Urceolaria scruposa, L. Kew Gardens GRAPHIDEI (J. M. C.), Leatherhead (E. M. H.) Graphis inusta, Ach. Shiere (E. M. H.) Lecidea ostreata, Hffm. ^ ere ( M H ) Opegrapha herpetica, Ach. Shiere (E. C.) lucida, Ach. / * ' varia, Pers., f. tigrina, Ach. Coulsdon spododes, Nyl.l p , . /T r> (W. B.) L- -o [ Shiere (E. C.) * , ' , ,. , _, . dubia, Borr. i prosodea, Ach. Shiere (E. C.) quernea, Dicks. Shiere (E. M. H.) viridis, Pers. Sturt canescens, Dicks. Leatherhead (E.M.H.) Arthonia astroidea, Ach. / (E. M. H.) Lightfootii, Sm. Reigate (W. J.) ; PYRENOCARPEI Hademere (E. M. H.) Normandina laetevirens, Turn., Borr. Esher denigrata, Fr. Esher (W. B.) (Mr. Turner) cyrtella, Ach. Shiere (E. C.) Endocarpon hepaticum, Ach. Croydon Caradocensis, Leight. Wonham (W. J.) (Mr. Dixon) Naegelii, Hepp. Shiere (E. C.) Verrucaria margacea, Whlnb. Hindhead, aromatica, Sm. Leatherhead (E. M. H.) and near Abinger (W. B.) milliaria, L., f. saxigena, Leight. Leith sparsula, Nyl. Dorking (W. J.), Gams- Hill (W. J.) tall (E. M. H.) sabuletorum, Flk. , . /jr p punctiformis, Ach. Shiere (W. C.) endoleuca, Nyl. I v olivacea, Borr. Shiere (E. C.) lubens, Nyl. Shier? (]. M. C.) nitida, Weig. -) Leatherhead muscorum, Sm. Shiere (E. M. H.) rupestris, Schrad. J (E. M. H.) It will be observed from the above list that the Surrey lichen-flora is richest, so far as it has been investigated, in those species which are found on old trees and palings, and in the jelly lichens found in chalky districts, whilst those growing on sandstone rocks and limestone walls are comparatively few in number. The genus Cladonia is represented only by a few species. There can be hardly any doubt that when the damp heaths so numerous in the county and the stony districts of the Upper and Lower Greensand have been more thoroughly explored, the list of species might be very considerably extended. Sub-alpine lichens are practically not represented at all in Surrey, probably owing to the absence of suitable localities. In the neighbouring county of Kent these species are chiefly confined to the sea beach at Lydd, where many lichens common to mountainous or sub-alpine and maritime districts occur. The exploration of parks and woods containing very old trees would probably also add a considerable number of species, as well as the stony southern sides of the high hills overlooking the weald, as at Leith Hill, Ewhurst and Black Down. THE FUNGI The occurrence of fungi in any given locality depends almost entirely on the relative abundance of the higher forms of plant life, since it is on these latter that the fungi are dependent for food ; some kinds, as rusts, mildews, smuts and bunts, attack living plants, causing in many instances serious injury when they appear as a widespread epidemic on cultivated 63