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A HISTORY OF SURREY the branch. Rose mildew (Spbarotbeca pannosa), forming delicate white cottony patches on the living leaves, young shoots and sometimes also on the fruit of both wild and cultivated roses, is everywhere common. The following list includes many rare and interesting species. Those preceded by an asterisk (*) were first observed in Surrey and many have not yet been recorded as occurring outside the county. BASIDIOMYCETES HYMENOMYCETES Collybia protracta, Fries prolixa, Fries (The arrangement in Massee s Bntub Fungus Fkra M a lianthi Frjes lsad P ted > - lineata, Bull. Amanita virosa, Fries polygramma, Bull. mappa, Batsch. * dissiliens, Fries phalloides, Fries atro-cyanea, Batsch. muscaria, Linn. ammoniaca, Fries pantherina, DC. metata, Fries spissa, Fries vitrea, Fries Lepiota excoriata, Schaeff. rubro-marginata, Fries leucothites, Vitt. elegans, Pers. badhami, B. and Br. . haematopoda, Fries

  • emplastra, Cke. and Mass. vitilis, Fries

caepistipes, Sow. tenella, Fries carcharia, Pers. consimile, Cke. felina, Pers. tenerrima, Berk.

  • Armillaria citri, Inzeg. discopoda, Pers.

Tricholoma portentosum, Fries hiemale, Osbeck imbricatum, Fries stylobates, Pers. ionides, Bull. Omphalia rustica, Pers. carneum, Bull. muralis, Sow. album, Schaeff. infumata, B. and Br.

  • duracinum, Cke. sphagnicola, B. and Br.
  • pes-caprae, Schaeff. retosta, Fries
  • circumtectum, Cke. and Mass. griseo-pallida, Desm.
  • tenuiceps, Cke. and Mass. campanella, Batsch.
  • russula, Schaeff. fibula, Bull.
  • subpulverulentum, Fries var. swartzii, Fries

cuneifolium, Fries Pleurotus salignus, Fries Clitocybe odorus, Fries limpidus, Fries dealbatus, Pers. tremulus, Schaeff. tornatus, Fries acerinus, Fries gilvus, Fries acerosus, Fries lobatus, Sow. algidus, Fries fumosus, Pers. chioneus, Pers. inversus, Scop. * sapidus, Kalchbr. pruinosus, Fries Hygrophorus aureus, Arrh. Laccaria bella, Pers. mesotephrus, B. and Br.

  • Collybia distorta, Fries livido-albus, B. and Br.

stipitaria, Fries fornicatus, Fries tuberosa, Bull. distans, Berk. nitellina, Fries clarkii, B. and Br. esculenta, Fries irrigatus, B. and Br. tenacella, Pers. calyptraeformis, Berk. aquosa, Fries Lactarius controversus, Pers, ocellata, Fries pubescens, Schrad. rancida, Fries quietus, Fries ambusta, Fries aurantiacus, Fries 66