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INSECTS has been met with on Esher Common, By- fleet Canal, Ockham Common and Chobham Common (Lucas), Weybridge (J. E. Tarbat). Its variety, pnenubila, Newm., is fairly com- mon : the typical, absolutely unsuffused form, does not often occur. Both species of the genus Orthetrum occur, though neither species has been met with frequently. Localities for 0. ctsrulescens, Fabr., are Chobham Common (E. Vincent), Bisley (A. Ficklin, jun.) and Weybridge (Stephens, 1842); for 0. cancel- tatum, Linn., Ockham Common (Briggs), Merton (J. S. Brocklesby), near New Maiden (Lucas), Chobham Common (Vincent), near Byfleet, probably (F. A. Walker). Corduli'mte. Cordulia <enea y Linn., is early on the wing, and has been met with at Esher Common, Ockham Common and By- fleet Canal (Lucas), Bookham Common (Briggs). Gomphinie. Gomphus vulgatissimus, Linn., appears to be a Thames insect, and has occurred at Walton, 1900 (A. B. Higgs), Weybridge, 1871 (McLachlan). Cordulegasterinte. So conspicuous an in- sect as Cordulegaster annulatus, Latr., must be uncommon, or more than two occurrences would have been noticed at Ottershaw (A. Reed), and a straggler on Esher Common, 1900 (Lucas). jEschninee. The truly majestic dragonfly, Anax imperator, Leach, is not uncommon in the county, and has occurred, sometimes plentifully, at Esher, Chobham and Bookham Commons (Lucas), Ockham Common (Briggs), Byfleet Canal (Tarbat), Crooksbury Common and near Worpleston (E. B. Bishop) ; it is comparatively seldom captured. The spring dragonfly, Brachytron pratense, Mttll., has been taken at Byfleet Canal, Ockham Common, Esher Common and the Mole at Esher (Lucas), and at Leatherhead, Bisley and Egham (Briggs). Of the genus jEschna four of the six British species have been taken in Surrey. /E. mixta, Latr., is generally a very uncommon species, and till a year or two ago but some eight or nine captures were known in England. Dur- ing the last two or three seasons more have been noticed, and in 1900 it was decidedly common in places in the southern counties. Surrey localities are Esher Common, Ock- ham Common and near Elstead (Lucas), near East Grinstead (Burr), Upper Norwood (S. Stevens). A nearly allied species, &. juncea, Linn., though not common, has been taken on Esher and Ockham Commons (Lucas), near Elstead (Bishop) and Weybridge (Tar- bat) : it seems to have a liking for ponds in fir woods. Mi, cyanea, Mtill., and /E. grandis, Linn., are both widely distributed through the county, and to give localities would be superfluous. Calopterygina. Both species of the genus Calopteryx are found in the county, and occasionally, but not often, in or near the same locality. C. virgo, Linn., has been taken at R. Mole near Leatherhead (W. J. Ashdown), near Virginia Water (Tarbat), Chobham Common (Vincent), near Farnham, Puttenham Common and Crooksbury Com- mon (Bishop). C. splendens, Harr., is more common, localities being R. Mole at Esher, near Byfleet, Wisley, Newark Abbey, Ock- ham Common (wanderers), near Weybridge, Esher Common (wanderers), near Send (Lucas), White Falls Leatherhead (Briggs), near Farn- ham (Bishop), Walton-on-Thames (H. E. Annett). AgriowTue. More localities could no doubt easily be found for Lestes sponsa, Hansem., than Esher Common (one specimen), Ockham Common and near Elstead (Lucas), Wendle- sham (Tarbat), Chobham Common (Vincent). Platycnemis pennipes, Pall., has been met with in several localities, but generally not plentifully : it seems to like flowing water. Specimens have been captured at Newark Abbey, near Weybridge, and Esher Com- mon, one specimen only at the last (Lucas), Ockham Common, near Cobham, and Mickleham Downs (Briggs). Erythromma naias, Hansem., is perhaps not usually a common dragonfly, but in Surrey it occurs plentifully at the Byfleet Canal (Lucas), and may be taken on Ockham Common (Lucas) and Chobham Common (Vincent); singularly enough a single specimen has been taken on Esher Common (Lucas) and in Richmond Park (Lucas). The common insect, Pyrrho- soma nymphula, Sulz., is no doubt distributed throughout the county in suitable localities, a considerable number having been already re- corded. Its congener, P. tene/lum, Vill., is plentiful on Esher Common (Lucas) : it used to be taken at Weybridge (McLachlan), and has been reported from Merton (Brocklesby). Ischnura elegans, Lind., is well distributed, and localities need not be specified. Agrion pul- chel/um, Lind., does not seem to be a common insect in Surrey. It occurs in a restricted spot by the Byfleet Canal (Lucas), and McLachlan has taken it commonly at Runny- mede. A. puella, Linn., on the other hand is well distributed, while Enallagma cyathi- gerum, Charp., is perhaps even more common, it being, moreover, usually in swarms where it does occur. Though so common, it is an interesting little species, from the fact that it remains a long time on the wing and is sub- ject to a good deal of variation in markings. 79