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INSECTS ANDRENIDJE (continued) Andrena lucens, Imh. Chatham, Waking (Saunders), Box Hill (Ramsden) fulvago, Chr. Chatham, Waking (Saun- ders), Weybridge (Smith) humilis, Imh. Reigate, Waking, Chob- ham (Saunders), Oxshott (Morice) labialis, Kirb. "j minutula, Kirb. > Generally distributed nana, Kirb. J proximo, Kirb. Weybridge (Smith) dorsata, Kirb. Waking, Chatham (Saun- ders), Gotham (Morice) afzeliella, Kirb. ) ,-, ,, ,. ^ -, - wilkella, Kirb. } Generally d.stnbuted similis, Sm. Wandsworth, Waking, Chatham (Saunders), Bisley, Oxshott (Morice) Macropis, Panz. labiata, Fab. Waking (Enock) Dasypoda, Latr. hirtipes, Latr. Godalming (Latter), Chatham, Waking (Saunders) Cilissa, Leach. hasmorrhoidalis, Fab. Godalming (Lat- ter), Shirley, Weybridge (Smith), Chat- ham (Saunders) leporina, Panz. Waking, Chatham (Saunders) Panurgus, Panz. calcaratus, Scop. Godalming (Latter), Waking, Chatham (Saunders) ursinus, Gmel. Godalming (Latter), Waking, Chatham (Saunders) Dufourea, Lep. vulgaris, Schk. Waking (Billups), Chatham (Saunders) Nomada, Fab. fucata, Panz. Godalming (Latter) solidaginis, Panz. Generally distributed sexfasciata, Panz. Chatham (Saunders) succincta, Panz. Generally distributed lineola, Panz. Wandsworth, Waking (Saunders) alternata, Kirb. Generally distributed jacobaeas, Panz. Clandon (Saunders), Waking, Chatham (Morice) alboguttata, H.-S. Chatham (Saunders), Ripley (Morice), Fremham (Thornley) ruficornis, L. 1 borealis, Zett. L Generally distributed bifida, Thorns. ) ochrostoma, Kirb. Chatham, Waking (Saunders) atrata, Smith. Clandon (Saunders), Waking (Morice) roberjeotiana, Panz. Chatham, Waking (Saunders) ferruginata, Kirb. Chatham (Morice), Waking (Saunders), Redhill (Smith) ANDRENID/E (continued) Nomada fabriciana,L. Generally distributed flavoguttata,Kirb. Ga/7<^9r^(Champion), Cotham, Ottershaw, Waking (Morice) furva, Panz. Generally distributed APID.S Epeolus rufipes, Thorns. Waking, Chatham (Saunders) Ceratina, Latr. cyanea, Fab. Weybridge (Smith) Chelostoma, Latr. florisomne, L. Holmwood (Mortimer), Wandsworth, Chatham (Saunders), Godalming (Latter) campanularum, Kirb. Chatham, Wa- king (Saunders) Heriades, Spin. truncorum, L. Weybridge (Morice) Melecta, Latr. luctuosa, Scop. Chatham (Saunders) armata, Panz. Waking, Chatham (Saun- ders), Godalming (Latter) Coelioxys, Latr. vectis, Curt. Shirley, Wimbledon (Smith) quadridentata, L. Waking, Chatham (Saunders), Oxshott (Morice) rufescens, Lep. Chatham (Saunders), Holmwood (Mortimer) elongata, Lep. Waking, Chatham (Saun- ders), Oxshott, Ripley (Morice) acuminata, Nyl. Chatham (Saunders) Megachile, Latr. maritima, Kirb. Chatham, Wimbledon (Saunders) willughbiella, Kirb. Generally distri- buted circumcincta, Lep. Chatham, Waking (Saunders) ligniseca, Kirb. Chatham, Waking, Surbiton (Saunders) ericetorum, Lep. Weybridge (Smith) versicolor, Sm. Waking (Morice), Wey- bridge (Smith) centuncularis, L. Generally distributed argentata, Fab. Weybridge (Smith) Anthidium, Fab. manicatum, L. Godalming (Latter), Wimbledon (F. S. Saunders), Waking (Morice), Holmwood (Mortimer) Stelis, Panz. aterrima, Panz. Holmwood (Mortimer), Weybridge (Smith) phoeoptera, Kirb. Battersea (Smith) octomaculata, Smith. Mayford, near Waking (Morice) Osmia, Panz. rufa, L. Generally distributed - pilicornis, Sm. Shirley (Rothney), Holmwood (Mortimer) 89