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A HISTORY OF SURREY Emphytus succinctus, Kl. Waking (Morice) Tenthredopsis litterata, Geoff. Virginia Water cingillum, Kl. Waking (Morice) dorsalis, Lep. I- Oxshott (Beaumont) calceatus, Kl. Ripley (Morice) coqueberti, Klg.J tener, Fall. Oxshott (Beaumont) campestris, L. Box Hill (Beaumont) grossulariae, Klg. Wtybridge (Beaumont) var. fulviceps, Steph."| Virginia Water Taxonus glabratus, Fall. Waking (Morice) excisa, Thorns. / (Morice) fletcheri, Cam. Oxshott (Beaumont) nassata, L. sec. Konow. Byjteet (Morice) Dolerus pratensis, Fall. Box Hill (Beaumont) thornleyi, Knw. Stoke fAbernon (Morice) aericeps, Thorns. }*&-, / Pachyprotasis rapae, L. Box /////(Beaumont) thomsoni, Knw. / ' Macrophya ribis, Schr. Cobham (Morice) anticus, Klg. Ripley (Stephens) punctum album, L. Box Hill (Beaumont) puncticollis, Thorns. Waking (Morice) rufipes, L. Cobham (Morice) nigratus, Mull. Box Hill (Beaumont) blanda, F. Chatham (Morice) picipes, Klg. Oxshott (Beaumont) annulata, Geoff. Reigate (Chawner) rugosulus, V. Dalla Torre. 1 Allantus temulus, Scop. Cranleigk (Morice) Loderus palmatus, Kl. I Waking scrophulariae, L. Waking (Morice) vestigialis, Kl. j (Morice) flavipes, Four. Battersea (Curtis) pratorum, Fall. J distinguendus, V. Stein. Byfleet (Morice) Rhogogastera viridis L. Reigate (Chawner) - arcuatus Forst j (Chawner) - ff a > K1 |" } Box Hill (Beaumont) Tenthredo l.v.da, L / ' fulvipes, Scop. J solitana, Scop, (surrey, Cam. vol. i. p. eo) aucupariae, Kl. Chabham (Morice) mesomela, L. Reigate (Chawner) COLEOPTERA Beetles The following list includes all the species known to me as occurring in Surrey, or of which I can find any record. The county has, perhaps, next to Kent, been more worked than any other in England ; hence the list is a very long one, though even now there are not a few fairly common species, known to occur in Kent, Sussex, or Essex, of which there appears to be no Surrey record. The localities where the insects have chiefly been found may be grouped under four heads : (i) Godstone, Caterham, Purley, Merstham, Redhill, Reigate, Betchworth, Dorking, Mickleham, Gomshall, Shiere, Merrow, Guildford, etc., on the line of the North Downs between Farnham and Limpsfield ; (2) Dulwich, Norwood, Shirley, Addington, Wimbledon, Merton, Richmond, Claygate, Oxshott, Esher, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Clandon, Weybridge, Woking, Horsell, Chobham and Bagshot, as well as various places along the south bank of the Thames between Putney and Egham, to the north of the North Downs ; (3) Earlswood, Charlwood, Leith Hill, Chiddingfold, Haslemere and Frensham, to the south of the North Downs ; (4) South London and the various towns, which have furnished many cosmopolitan forms not usually found in the open country. The published lists of Carabidee, Dytiscidce, Hydrophilida, Staphylinidce, etc., of the Reigate district, by Mr. J. Linnell, as well as a MS. catalogue of the Coleoptera of Chiddingfold, kindly lent by Mr. H. Donisthorpe, have been of great service in compiling the present list. It may be noted that nearly three-fourths of the total number of species have been found by myself in Surrey. Those marked with an asterisk have been re- corded from this county only in Britain. 94