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INSECTS woods, fields and lanes. It used to be common on Tolworth Common, Surbiton, and by the bridle path between Surbiton and New Maiden. L. quadra, L., has occurred rarely near Gomshall. Z/. rubricollis, L., was formerly abundant at Buckland Hill among the yew trees, also near Haslemere and elsewhere. The Cinnabar (Euchelia jacobcece, L.) is found nearly everywhere throughout the county where ragwort is plentiful, but is not so common as formerly. The Scarlet Tiger (Callimorpha dominula, L.) occurs, according to Mr. Webb, very sparingly at Redhill. It also probably occurs on the eastern boundary of the county near Eden- bridge. The Clouded Buff (Euthemonia russu/a, L.) has been reported by Mr. Webb from Reigate Hill and Betchworth, and is common near Woking, at Oxshott, and on Shiere Common, Headley Heath, Walton Heath and on most other heaths among bracken. The Wood Tiger (Chelonia plantaginis, L.) occurs sparingly in the woods near Horsley and elsewhere on the North Downs. The Garden Tiger (C. caja, L.) is generally distributed, but is not nearly as common as formerly. The Cream Spot Tiger (C. vi//ica, L.) occurs in many places on the chalk, as at Reigate Hill, Betchworth and Gomshall, and the Ruby Tiger (Arctia fu/iginosa, L.) is generally distributed and often comes to ' light.' A. mendica, Clerck, is generally distributed and not rare. The Buff Ermine (A. lubricepeda, Esp.) and the White Ermine (A. menthastri, Esp.) are both common everywhere. The Brown Tail (Liparis chrysorrhaea, L.) occurs in the county, but is generally rare. Mr. Percy Richards informs me that he has taken it at Kingston Hill, and that the larva? were found in great numbers near Ashtead in 1901. The Gold Tail (L. aurijiua, Fb.) is common throughout the county. The White Satin (L. sa/icis, L.) is common everywhere on sallow, willow and poplar. The Black Arches (L. monacha, L.) is widely distributed, but not abundant as it is in the New Forest. Orgyia pudibunda, L., occurs everywhere but is most common in the hop gardens. The Scarce Vapourer (0. gonostigma, Fb.) was formerly common near Veitch's Nursery, on Wimbledon Com- mon, but has not been seen for many years. The Common Vapourer (O. antiqua, L.) is found everywhere and is sometimes common in the southern suburbs of London. Demas coryli, L., is reported from Hasle- mere. T'richiura crateegi, L., occurs very sparingly, as a rule, in the county. Paecilocampa populi, L., is generally distributed and Mr. Webb says it comes very freely to gas lamps at Reigate. I have taken it at Surbiton and Mr. Barrett reports it from Haslemere. The Small Eggar (Eriogas- ter /anestris, L.) is common locally in the county. As the larva? are gregarious the species is usually abundant where it occurs. Mr. Webb reports it from Epsom and Sutton, and Mr. Barrett from Haslemere. The Lackey (Bombyx neustria, L.) is generally distributed throughout the county and the larvae are often a pest in gardens and orchards. It is recorded from Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Leatherhead, Surbiton, Claygate, Redhill, Reigate and Haslemere. The Fox (B. rubi, L.) occurs in many places on the North Downs about Reigate, Buck- land and Betchworth, and is generally common on heaths and moors. 119