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A HISTORY OF SURREY honey secretions of other insects is known to all. This solicitude is -not however confined to the aphis family ; the larvae of Psyllida and of the Membracidce and even those of the Centrotidce are often laid under contri- bution for what is analogous to the honey-dew obtained from homopterous species either living under or above ground. But this taste for sweets is not the only inducement to the epicitism of numerous insects of other insect orders, which are found to seek the sociability of the ant-hill ; amongst the Coleoptera alone Mr. Donisthorpe notes approximately one hundred species. Centipedes and woodlice also add their numbers as tolerated guests in these ant-communities. CICADINjE Haslemere Cicadetta montana, Amyot. MEMBRACID/E CENTROTID.S Centrotus cornutus. Haslemere Gargara genistse (?) FULGORID/E Issus coleoptratus, Geoff. Godalming Cixius pilosus, Oliv. DELPHACIDJE Liburnia longipennis, Curt. Gomskall discolor, Boh. Wimbledon exigua, Boh. Haslemere mesomela, Boh. limbata, Flor. Dicranotropis hamata, Boh. Haslemere Chloriona farinosa, Buck. CERCOPIDJE Tricephora vulnerata, III. Haslemere Aphrophora alni, Fall. Shiere Philaenus spumarius, Linn. Haslemere lineatus, Linn. exclamationis, Sahl. ULOPID.S Ulopa reticulosa, Fab. Haslemere trivia, Germ. PAROPID.S: Megophthalmus scanicus, Fall. JASSID^E BITHOSCOPID^ Macropsis microcephala lanio, Linn. On oaks Bythoscopus alni. Haslemere rufusculus. On birch . Pediopsis virescens, Fab. Haslemere nanus, Boh. Box Hill tiliae, Sahl. Esher tibialis, Scott. Shiere Idiocerus fulgidus, Fab. On poplar confusus, Flor. Godalming distinguendus, Kirsch. Shiere nubilus, Buck. Haslemere Agallia venosa, Fall. Tettigonia viridis, Linn. Evacanthus acumenatus, Fab. Haslemere Eupelix cuspidata, Fab. Acocephalus albifrons, Flor. JASSID^E BLITHOSCOPID^ (continued) Acocephalus histrionicus, Flor. Haslemere Doratura stylata, Sahlsb. Haslemere Paramessus phragmitis, Boh. Stictocoris preysleri, Schaff. Cisbury Athysanus grisescens, Zett. russeolus, Fall. Addington brevipennis, Kirsch. Haslemere communis, Sahlsb. obscurellus, Kirsch. obsoletus, Kirsch. Deltocephalus pascuellus, Fall. ,, distinguendus, Fall. pulicaris, Fall. flori, Fieb. ocellaris, Fall. Thamnotettix splendidula,Fab.,, dilutior, Kbm. plebeja, Fall. variegata, Fall. subfusca, Fall. Limotettix sulphurella, Fall. sexnotata, Fall. crocea, H. SchafF. Alebra albostriatella, Fall. Dicraneura mollicula, Boh. armata, Buck. Eupteryx pulchellus, Fall. On oaks germari, Zett. Fir vittatus. In swamps concinna, Germ. Oaks urticae, Fab. Nettles notatus carpini, Fonsc. Hornbeam and hop melissae, Curt. Sage and thyme Typhlocyba quercus, Schr. Oaks ulmi, Linn. Elm rosae, Linn. Swarms on the rose avellanae hazel cratsegi thorn Zygina blandula. Bird cherry APHIDID./E Siphonophora scabiosae, Schr. Scabious granaria, Kirby. Wheat alliariae, Koch. Onion 174