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A HISTORY OF SURREY 103. Lepthyphantes nebulosus (Sundevall). Wimbledon. 104. Lepthyphantes minutus (Blackwall). Horsley, Wimbledon (F. P. S.). 105. Lepthyphantes leprosus (Ohlert). Horsley (F. P. S.). 1 06. Lepthyphantes henricee (Six.). Carshalton. 107. Bathyphantes dorsalis (Wider). Carshalton. 1 08. Bathyphantes pullatus (O. P.-Cambridge). River Wandle. 109. Bathyphantes gracilii (Blackwall). Carshalton, Horsley (F. P. S.). Known also as Linyphia circumspecta, Black- wall. 1 10. Sintula diluta (O. P.-Cambridge). Horsley (F. P. S.). 111. Bathyphantes parvulus (Westring). River Wandle. 112. Bathyphantes nigrinus (Westring). River Wandle. 113. Bathyphantes meadii (O. P.-Cambridge). River Wandle. Known also as Linyphia approximata (O. P.-Cambridge). 114. Bathyphantes concolor (Wider). Horsley (F. P. S.). 115. Macrargus rufus (Wider). Horsley (F. P. S.). 1 1 6. Centromerus biulor (Blackwall). Carshalton. 117. Microneta viaria (Blackwall). Wimbledon. Known also as Neriene viaria. 1 1 8. Mic rypbantes fuscipalpis, C. L. Koch. Horsley (F. P. S.). 119. Erigone atra (Blackwall). Wimbledon. This and the next three species are known also under the name of Neriene. 1 2O. Erigone dentipalpis (Wider). Horsley (F. P. S.). 121. Erigone longipalpis (Sundevall). Horsley (F. P. S.). 122. Gongylidium rufipes (Linn.). Horsley (F. P. S.). Known also as Neriene munda, Blackwall, and Neriene ruftpes. 123. Gonatium rubens (Blackwall). Horsley (F. P. S.). 124. Gonatium isabellinum (C. L. Koch). Horsley (F. P. S.). Known also as Neriene rubella, Blackwall. 125. Neriene cornuta, Blackwall. River Wandle. 126. Hypomma bituberculatum (Wider). Horsley (F. P. S.). 127. Tracbygnatha dentata (Wider). Horsley (F. P. S.). 128. (Edothorax gibbosus (Blackwall). River Wandle. 129. (Edothorax tuberosus (Blackwall). River Wandle. 130. Stylothorax apicatus (Blackwall). Carshalton. 131. Kulczynskiellum fuscum (Blackwall). Horsley (F. P. S.). 132. Savignia frontata (Blackwall). River Wandle. 133. Viderius anticus (Wider). Horsley (F. P. S.). 134. Corniculariaunicornis(Q. P.-Cambridge). River Wandle. 135. Cornicularia cuspidata (Blackwall). Horsley (F. P. S.). 136. Wahkenaeria cristata, Blackwall. Carshalton. 137. Hilaira uncata(Q. P.-Cambridge). Horsley (F. P. S.). Known also as Neriene uncata. 138. Maso sundevalli (Westring). Carshalton. MIMETID.ffi Spiders of this family are similar in general respects to the Tberidiida;, having eight eyes and three tarsal claws. The species of Era construct a small brown pear-shaped or cylindrical egg-cocoon suspended on a fine silken stalk. The legs are very spinose. 139. Era furcata (Villers). Horsley (F. P. S.). 184