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CONTENTS OF VOLUME ONE Dedication ....... The Advisory Council of the Victoria History . General Advertisement . The Surrey County Committee . . . Contents ....... List of Illustrations. Preface Natural History Geology Palaeontology .... Botany ..... Introduction .... Phanerogams, Summary of Orders The Botanical Districts . . Rubi (Brambles') Vascular Cryptogams (Ferns, etc.) . Musci (Mosses) .... Characex .... Freshwater Algx . . . Lichenes (Lichens) Fungi ..... Zoology Mollusca (Snails, etc.) Insecta (Insects) Orthoptera (Grasshoppers, Ear- wigs, etc.) .... Neuroptera (DragpnJUa, etc.) and Trichoptera (Cadditflies, etc.) . Hymenoptera Aculeata (Bees, etc.) . . . By G. W. LAMPLUGH, F.G.S. By RICHARD LYDEKKER, B.A., F.R.S., F.G.S. Edited by W. H. BEEBY, F.L.S. By W. H. BEEBY, F.L.S By the Rev. W. MOYLE ROGERS, F.L.S. By W. H. BEEBY, F.L.S By HAROLD W. MONINGTON ..... By W. H. BEEBY, F.L.S By WILLIAM WEST, F.L.S., and G. S. WEST, B.A., A.R.C.S By E. M. HOLMES, F.L.S By GEORGE MASSEE, F.L.S. ..... By B. B. WOODWARD, F.G.S., F.R.M.S. Edited by HERBERT Goss, F.L.S., F.G.S., Sec. to the Entomological Society . .' . . By MALCOLM BURR, F.L.S., F.Z.S., with notes by WILLIAM J. LUCAS, B.A., F.E.S. By WILLIAM J. LUCAS, B.A., F.E.S., with notes by CHARLES A. BRIGGS, F.E.S., and ROBERT MCLACHLAN, F.R.S., F.L.S., etc. . By EDWARD SAUNDERS, F.L.S., Vice-President Ento- mological Society . .... XV PAGE T yii vii xiii XV xvii xix i

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