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REPTILES AND BATRACHIANS This county, its western part at least, stands second to none in the variety and abundance of reptiles and batrachians. With the exception of the edible frog (Rana esculentd) , which however has been introduced in various places, it possesses all the species of this section of the British fauna. No complete list of Surrey reptiles has ever been published, but an interesting series of articles by Mr. Bryan Hook in the Surrey Maga- zine for 1899 have made us acquainted with the very rich herpetological fauna of the district about Farnham, in which both Lacerta agilis and Coronella austriaca occur. The common snake, the adder, the common frog, the common toad, the crested newt and the common newt are generally distributed and abundant in suitable localities. The slow-worm is also generally distri- buted, but in small numbers. The other species are local and call for special remarks. REPTILES LACERTILIA 5. Smooth Snake. Coronella austriaca, Laur. 1. Common Lizard. Lacerta vivipara, Jacq. This rare snake, distinguished by its per- 2. Sand Lizard. Lacerta agilis, Linn. fectl 7 smooth scales > has much the s" 116 _,, . . . i , i r u range in this county as the sand lizard. It This larger remarkable for the ^^ found in D ' orsetshi between Ri bright green colour which adorns the sides wood and Wimb in l8s3 ^ * t and lower parts of the males during spring Bournemouth in l8s9 . It has s i nce been and early summer, is known from the eastern recorded from p oole ^ ^ Ngw FQ parts of Dorsetshire, Bournemouth and the ^ Qn thg limit feetween ' north Hants and sandy heaths bordering the New Forest ,n south fierks ^ occurrence in west s Hampshire, Welhngton College in Berkshire, ^ Chobham was first recorded by Mr . H . N. and Farnharn in Surrey, where it was first Rjdl in lg g 2 Qne imen 7 is rted observed by Gilbert .White, and where ,t is b ^ Rey ; i&Jfe have been t alcen stated by Mr. Hook to be common on the J ^ hmg J between Yatdy ^j Camberley> heaths ' on the borders of Hants and Surrey, in 1883 ; 3. Slow-worm, or Blind-worm. Anguh fra- an d four specimens were observed by Mr. gilis, Linn. Bryan Hook near Farnham between 1891 and OPHIDIA l898 ' 4. Common or Ringed Snake. Tropidonotus 6. Common Viper or Adder. Vipera berus, natrix, Linn. (Natrix torquata, Ray). Linn. BATRACHIANS ECAUDATA 3. Natterjack Toad. Bufo calamita, Laur. Easily distinguished from the common 1. Common Frog. Rana temfarana, Linn. spedes by the yellow Hne running down 2. Common Toad. Bufo vulgaris, Laur. the spine, the shorter limbs, the running gait, 200