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A HISTORY OF SURREY Scrapers, formed of trimmed flakes, and so shaped as to present a sharp and bevelled edge for cutting or scraping purposes, have been found in abundance on the Hog's Back, at Wonersh, East Shalford farm in Shalford parish, at several places on the North Downs, par- ticularly Riddlesdown, and also on the surface of the fields around Croham Hurst near Croydon. Of the more elaborately made objects, the fine spearhead discovered many years since at Carshalton is a good example. It is lanceolate in shape with a flat base and four small notches obviously intended to receive the ligatures by which it was fixed into its shaft. There is an account of it, with an engraving, in Skelton's Engraved Illustrations of Ancient Arms and Armour from the Meyrick Collection. 1 Skelton, who describes the spearhead under the heading of ' Ancient British Stone Weapons,' mentions that it was found 6 feet below the surface of the ground at Carshalton in Surrey, and pre- sented by Edmund Lodge, Esq., Norroy King-at-arms. Other examples of daggers have been found at Peasemarsh (near Guildford) 8 and Walton - on -Thames. 3 There is reason to doubt whether some of these objects which look like spear- heads and are often supposed to have been used as such were not originally mounted in a short handle and used as knives. The methods of modern savages suggest the probability of some of the so-called spearheads having been so used. Several neolithic hammer-stones, usu- ally of some kind of sandstone and fur- nished with a hole for the handle, have been found in Surrey. The usual form is ovoid or discoidal. Examples have been found at Battersea, Hazlemere, Redhill, Reigate, Titsey and Wanborough. There are some implements which have been shaped only roughly by chip- ping and subsequently perfected by long- continued use. To this class belong crushers and pounders which have been worn to a spherical shape by having been used for crushing. Examples have been found at various places in Surrey. They seem to have been sometimes used in con- nection with masses of sandstone which have been considerably worn c v SPEARHEAD, OR KNIFE, CARSHALTON. 1 Vol. i. pi. xlvi. ; Evans, jfncient Stone Implements, ed. 2, p. 351. 8 Evans, op. cit. ed. 2, p. 353. 3 Evans, op. cit. p. 351. 234