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EARLY MAN Chehham. A bronze hoard was found at Beddlestead Green, in this parish, in 1890, comprising four celts, socketed, and each furnished with one loop, one fragment of a socketed celt, one fragment of a palstave furnished with one loop and well developed flanges, and three lumps of copper cake. Croydon. An important hoard of bronze objects was discovered some years ago at Wickham Park. It comprised one palstave, six socketed celts, one gouge, one hammer, one knife, one dagger, one sword, one spearhead, one ferrule, one mould, and fragments of imple- ments and copper cake. Dorking. A small hoard of bronze was found in a cavity of the rock underground, in 1787, by some workmen digging stone. Only BRONZE CELT, PART OP CELT-MOULD AND GOUGE, BEDDINCTON. two bronze celts, and a semicircular piece of bronze (probably a sickle) were found in the hole, but several lumps of copper cake had been found previously by the workmen. Kingston Hill. About the year 1869 a hoard of bronze objects was discovered at the George Gravel Pits, Kingston Hill. It comprised the following articles : two socketed celts, one sword, one spearhead and one piece of copper-cake. Farnbam. A hoard of bronze celts and palstaves was found at Sandy Farm, near Crooksbury Hill, by a workman in 1857. The dis- covery is noted and figured in The Illustrated London News of June 27, i 241 R