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A HISTORY OF SURREY about a mile and a half south of Caterham), and at the foot of the North Downs near Titsey. 1 Many of the villages which have sprung up in the districts through which it passes are near it but not in connection with it, showing that they belong to a new order of communications which was not introduced until the ancient Pilgrims' Way had become forgotten. In certain districts an attempt is made to explain this by the suggestion that pilgrims who used the road desired to avoid observation. This ingenious theory does not however account for the construction of the roadway in such a. solitary and secluded position. The subject as far as Surrey is concerned has been pretty fully dealt with by various writers, including Mr. William Bray, F.S.A., in Archao- logia * and in his History and Antiquities of Surrey? by various authors in the publications of the Surrey Archaeological Society, 4 and in the Glou- cester Congress volume of the British Archaeological Association. 6 Some of the British trackways were doubtless adopted and im- proved by the Romans whose appearance in Britain brought the pre- historic period to a close. TOPOGRAPHICAL LIST OF PREHISTORIC ANTIQUITIES IN SURREY. In the following list an attempt is made to record the various sites in Surrey where prehistoric antiquities have been found or where pre- historic remains still exist. In order to avoid frequent repetition of book titles, etc., the following abbreviations in the references to authori- ties have been adopted : Charterhouse Museum = The Museum in the Charterhouse School at Godalming. Evans B. = The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons and Ornaments of Great Britain, by John Evans(i88i). Evans C. = The Coins of the Ancient Britons (1864), and Supplement (1890), by John Evans, F.S.A. Evans S. = The Ancient Stone Implements, Weapons and Ornaments of Great Britain, ed. 2, by Sir John Evans (1897). Guildford Museum = The Museum of the Surrey Archaeological Society at the Castle Arch, Guildford. Surr. Arch. Coll. = Surrey Archaeological Collections (The Transactions of the Surrey Archeeological Society). ABINGER. Mound, possibly a barrow, with defensive earthworks near the church [Surr. Arch. Coll. xii. 162]. ALBURY. Fragment of neolithic ground celt in the collection of Sir W. C- Roberts-Austen, British gold coin [Evans C. 181]. Bronze hoard now in the British Museum. Late Celtic fibula [Tupper, M. F. Farley Heath (1850), pp. 24-5]. British coins [Evans C. 84-5, 90, 108, HO, 117, 157, 176, 179, 181, 282, 346]. 1 Surrey Archieological Collections, v. 178-85 ; vi. 301-4 ; Popular County Histories : Surrey, by H. E. Maiden, pp. 29-30.

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