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NOTE The reader should bear in mind throughout that the date of the Domesday Survey is 1086 ; that King Edward, to whose time it refers as 'T.R.E.', died January 5, 1066 ; that the ' hide ' was the unit of assessment on which the (Dane) geld was paid, and that the 'virgate' was its quarter. The essential portion of the plough (' caruca ') was its team of oxen, eight in number. The ' demesne ' was the lord's portion of the manor, the peasantry holding the rest of it under him. Of the peasantry, the ' villeins ' far outnumbered all the other agricultural classes ; below them were the bordars and cottars ; and, lowest of all, the serfs. Pannage was the due for feeding swine on the mast in the woodlands. The (water)mills, to which the peasantry were bound to send their corn to be ground, were occasionally at some distance from the bulk of the manor. 294