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p. 308, col. i., of original Record HERE ARE NOTED THE LANDHOLDERS SURREY IN i KING WILLIAM xvin ii The Archbishop of Canter- xix bury xx in The Bishop of Winchester xxi iv Bishop Osbern xxn v The Bishop of Bayeux xxm vi The Abbey of Westminster xxiv vn The Abbey of Winchester xxv viii The Abbey of Chertsey xxvi ix The Abbey of St. Wandrille xxvn x The Abbey of the Cross of St. Leutfred xxvm xi The Abbey of Battle xxix xn The Abbess of Barking xxx xni The Canons of St. Paul of xxxi London xxxn xiv The Church of Lantheige xxxm (Lambeth) xxxiv xv Count Eustace xxxv xvi The Countess of Boulogne xxxvi xvn The Count of Mortain Earl Roger Richard de Tonebrige William de Braiose William son of Ansculf Walter son of Other Walter de Dowai Gilbert son of Richer Geoffrey de Mandeville Geoffrey Orlateile Edward of Salisbury (Saris- berie) Robert Malet Miles Crispin Haimo the Sheriff Humfrey the Chamberlain Ralph de Felgeres Rainald son of Erchenbald 8 Albert the clerk Odard the cross-bowman Oswold, Teodric, and other servants of the King THE LAND OF THE KING IN WOCHINGES [WOKING] HUNDRED In GILDEFORD [Guildford] king William has 75 closes 1 (hagie) wherein dwell 175 homagers. In the time of king Edward it rendered 18 pounds and 3 pence. It is now valued at 30 pounds, and yet it renders 32 pounds. Of the aforesaid closes, Randulf the clerk has 3 closes where 6 homagers dwell, and whereof the same Randulf has sac and soc unless the common geld be laid upon the vill from which no one can escape. If his homager commit an offence in the vill, and, after being attached (divadiatus), shall es- 1 Houses enclosed in separate fences, haps ' closes ' is the best translation. Per- cape, the King's reeve has nothing therefrom. But if he is accused and is attached there, then the King has the penalty. Thus Archbishop Stigand held them (sc. hagas). RANDULF the Sheriff holds i close, which he has up to this time holden of the Bishop of Bayeux. The homagers, however, testify that it is not attached to any manor, but that he who held it in the time of king Edward granted it to Tovi, the reeve of the vill, in dis- charge of a forfeiture of his. There is another house which the reeve of the Bishop of Bayeux holds of the manor of BRONLEI [Bramley].

  • In the Survey, Rainald appears as under-

tenant to Alvred de Merleburgh, who holds Sende of the King, omission in this list. Alvred's name is an 295