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ZOOLOGY MOLLUSCS Warwickshire is not a very suitable county for molluscan life since so much of its subsoil consists of sandstone. Nevertheless 93 species out of a possible 139 for the whole British Islands have been found ; while one other form, Physa beterostropba, introduced from the United States, occurs near Birmingham. The freshwater forms as might be expected show the higher per- centage of occurrences. The whole assemblage is typically British, extreme northern and western forms being absent, nor does Pomatias e/egans occur. A few more species may yet be discovered, notably among the Vertigos. The literature on the subject is small and scattered, the three principal papers being : one on the neighbourhood of Birmingham by G. SherrifF Tye, 1 that on the Rugby district by E. E. Austen 2 and a list for Sutton Coldfield by A. Wood. 3 A. GASTROPODA I. PULMONATA a. STYLOMMATOPHORA 'festacella maugei, FeY.l kaliotidea, Drap. V Birmingham scutulum, Sby. Limax maximus, Linn. flavus, Linn. Birmingham ; Whitchurch arborum, Bouch. -Chant. Near Knowle Agrlollmax agrestis (Linn.) !<evis (Mflll.). Sutton Coldfield Amalla wwerbii (FeY.). Birmingham gagates (Drap.). Birmingham Vltrlna pelluclda (Milll.) Vltrea crystalKna (Mull.). Rugby ; Kenil- worth ; Warwick alliaria (Miller) glabra (Brit. Auct.). Sutton Coldfield ; Edge Hill eel/aria (Milll.) nitidula (Drap.) pura (Aid.) radiatula (Aid.). Birmingham excavata (Bean). Near Knowle nitida (Mull.). Witton Vltrea fulva (Milll.). Arion ater (Linn.) hartensis, FeY. Solihull : Kenilworth drcumscriptus, Joh n .") i. / Birmingham Solihull . Sutton Coldfield : Bir- intermedia.!^ Norm subfuscus (Drap.). mingham Punctum pygmteum (Drap.). Solihull ; Knowle Pyramidula rotundata (Mull.) Helicella virgata (Da C.). Rugby ; Temple Grafton ; Whitchurch itala (Linn.). Rugby ; Temple Grafton ; Harbury caperata (Mont.). Solihull ; near Alcester cantiana (Mont.). Henley-in-Arden Hygromia fusca (Mont.). Near Knowle hispida (Linn.) rufescens (Penn.) Acanthlnula aculeata (Milll.). Knowle ; Soli- hull ; Edge Hill Vallonla pulchella (Mull.). Solihull ; Rugby ; Kenilworth ; Whitchurch Helicigona arbustorum (Linn.). Birmingham ; Warwick Helix aspersa, Mull. 1 Journal of Conckology, vol. i. pp. 57, 68. 2 Report of the Rugby Natural History Society, i8pz (1893) p. 16.

  • List of Land and Freihtvater Shells found at Sutton Coldfield, 8vo (Leeds, 1897).

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