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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE did little if any local work. In 1867 the Rugby School Natural History Society commenced a series of annual reports, one of the features of which was a list of the Lepidoptera observed by the boys in and around Rugby during each year. This has been continued to date, and in recent years a few other orders have been dealt with, the Rev. F. D. Morice, who was resident at one time, contributing a list of Aculeate and other Hymenoptera. In my list of Lepidoptera these will be found frequently quoted, though I have done so with considerable hesitation, as after all they are for the most part only schoolboy records. The only other local publication dealing with Warwickshire entomology with which I am acquainted besides notes in the magazines is a short popular account of local Lepidoptera contributed by Mr. F. Enock to the Saturday Half-Holiday Guide, though several very excellent local lists have been published by neighbours at Burton-on-Trent, Leicester, etc., who however never passed our borders. In 1888 the Birmingham Entomological Society was founded, and it is largely owing to the work of its members that even this incomplete account of the local insects has been rendered possible. The society has never issued any publica- tions, but the reports of their meetings have appeared regularly in the pages of the 'Entomologist and Entomologist's Monthly Magazine through the courtesy of their respective editors, and many of the records given below have been already mentioned in those reports. I have not how- ever referred to these reports, as in every case I have had the records at first hand myself. The members of this society being chiefly residents of Birmingham or its neighbourhood, most of their records are from the few favourite collecting grounds in the immediate vicinity of that city ; lists have however also been kindly supplied by a few scattered entomologists residing in other and remoter parts of the county beyond a radius of ten or twelve miles from Birmingham. In conclusion I have to thank the many kind friends who have as- sisted me and made this list possible, and must point out that any merits which it may perchance possess are entirely owing to their kind assist- ance. To Messrs. R. C. Bradley, H. Willoughby Ellis, and A. H. Martineau in particular my thanks are due for taking the responsibility of entire sections and for much assistance besides; to Messrs. P. W. Abbott, Austen, C. Baker, Dr. P. P. Baly, Revs. J. H. Bloom, W. Bree, Messrs. W. Kiss, L. C. Keighley-Peach, N. V. Sidgwick, W. C. E. Wheeler, G. W. Wynn and many others I am indebted for lists and much of the information quoted ; to Messrs. C. E. M. Hawkesworth, G. H. Verrall and others for help of various kinds; and to Mr. Charles G. Barrett my thanks are specially due for much help and kind advice. Without his assistance in checking many of the records, in identifying many doubtful species, and in many other ways, the list of the Lepi- doptera would have been of very small value, and any credit it deserves is due entirely to him.