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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE ALEOCHARINA (continued) Ischnoglossa corticina, Er. Under bark ; all seasons. Olton t Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle Ocyusa incrassata, Kr. In moss and leaves and under bark ; all seasons ; all localities ; often abundant maura, Er. In boggy places, in grass tussocks, etc. ; all seasons ; local. Knowle, Coleshill, Sutton (Blatch) - picina, Aube. Habitat same as pre- ceding ; very local. Sutton Park (abundant in the bogs at all times) Phlaeopora reptans, Grav. Under bark of dead trees ; all seasons ; abundant in all localities - corticalis, Grav. Under bark of holly and other trees ; all seasons ; scarce.. Sutton Park - corticalis var. transita, Muls. Under bark ; rare. Sutton Park (Blatch) Ocalea castanea, Er. In moss, grass tufts, fungi, etc. ; all seasons ; plentiful ; all localities - latipennis, Sharp. Margins of ponds and streams ; rare ; all seasons. Knowle - badia, Er. Grass tufts and moss in damp places ; all seasons. Solihull (Blatch), Knowle Ilyobates nigricollis, Payk. Amongst dead leaves in woods, in banks of rivers and under stones ; spring to autumn ; rare. Knowle Calodera nigrita, Mann. Marshy places ; rare. Solihull (Blatch) - aethiops, Grav. In grass tufts and decaying vegetable matter, etc. ; all seasons ; local. Knowle - umbrosa, Er. In gravel pits, on muddy margins of ponds, amongst shingle ; all seasons ; rare. Knowle. Also once found by Mr. G. W. Tail in his wine cellar at Knowle Chilopora longitarsus, Steph. Banks of ponds and streams. Abundant at all times and in all localities Myrmedonia humeralis, Grav. In and near nests of Formica rufa. Knowle Astilbus canaliculatus, F. In ants' nests, grass tufts, moss, and under stones ; all seasons ; abundant throughout the midlands Callicerus obscurus, Grav. In moss, herb- age on river banks and bone heaps ; flies about on the first sunny days of spring and in winter hybernates in moss ; scarce. Knowle (Blatch) Thamiaraea cinnamomea, Grav. At sap of trees infested with Cossus ; in ALEOCHARINA (continued) hedge refuse and on posts ; spring to autumn ; rather scarce. Knowle (Blatch), Solihull Thamiaraea hospita, Mark. Habitat same as preceding. Knowle, Solihull Notothecta flavipes, Thorns. In nests of Formica rufa ; all seasons. Knowle anceps, Gr. Habitat and distribution same as preceding, but scarcer Alianta incana, Er. In grass tussocks, etc., in bogs and wet places ; all seasons ; local. Coleshill, Sutton (Blatch), Knowle Homalota pavens, Er. Amongst shingle in river beds, etc., and under bones ; spring to autumn ; rare. Knowle gregaria, Er. In grass tufts, moss and hedge refuse ; all seasons and all localities luteipes, Er. Banks of rivers and brooks ; spring and summer. Near Birmingham (Blatch) luridipennis, Mann. In dead leaves and moss in woods, under bark, bones, etc. ; all seasons and all localities - gyllenhali, Thorns. In moss and grass tufts and under bones ; all seasons and in all localities - hygrotopora, Kr. In moss and muddy places on banks of streams and ponds ; all seasons. Birmingham, Sutton (Blatch), Knowle elongatula, Grav. In moss and herb- age, especially in damp places ; abundant at all times and in all places. - volans, Scrib. Found with the pre- ceding, and equally widely distributed but less abundant nitidula, Kr. In dead moles ; rare. Knowle (Blatch) oblongiuscula, Sharp. In moss, hay- stack refuse, and under bones ; found sparingly at all seasons. Small Heath, Sutton Park, Solihull (Blatch), Knowle sylvicola, Fuss. Amongst dead leaves in woods, moss and grass tufts ; all seasons ; not abundant. Coleshill (Blatch), Knowle vicina, Steph. Hedge refuse, moss, bones, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities pagana, Er. Dead leaves in woods and under bones ; found through- out the year, but is scarce. Small Heath (Blatch) graminicola, Gyll. In moss and grass tufts in marshy places ; all seasons and in all localities 90