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INSECTS ALEOCHARINA (continued) dead leaves and hedge refuse ; all seasons ; often abundant. Harborne (Blatch), Knowle Homalota aterrima, Grav. In hotbeds, moss, dung and carrion, etc. ; always abundant everywhere pygmasa, Grav. Occurs with the above and is equally plentiful muscorum, Bris. In moss, grass tufts, fungi, carrion and at sap ; all sea- sons ; all localities ; sometimes plentiful pilosiventris, Thorns. In moss, dead leaves, carrion ; under bark and at oak sap ; generally rare ; sometimes plentiful. Knowle laticollis, Steph. In hotbeds, moss, leaves, etc. ; all seasons and all localities subsinuata, Er. In moss, hotbeds, grass tufts, sappy stumps ; all sea- sons ; rather scarce. Small Heath, Birmingham (Blatch), Knowle montivagans, Woll. In cowshed re- fuse ; rare. Knowle orbata, Er. In moss ; scarce. Knowle (Blatch) fungi, Grav. Always plentiful in all sorts of habitats and localities fungi var. dubia, Sharp. Found with the above and generally recognized as a variety of it fungi var. clientula, Er. Less plentiful than the preceding, but in other re- spects the same remarks apply orphana, Er. Found under same con- ditions as preceding. Knowle Gnypeta labilis, Er. On banks of streams and ponds ; in sandpits and carrion ; all seasons, but mostly in summer ; all localities Tachyusa constricta, Er. Banks of brooks and rivers ; spring to autumn ; locally abundant. Knowle atra, Grav. Margins of ponds and streams, and amongst dead leaves in woods ; scarce ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Coleshill Falagria sulcata, Payk. In moss, hotbeds, dung, bones, etc. ; abundant at all times and in all localities sulcatula, Grav. In moss, hotbeds, etc. fond of damp places. Knowle (Blatch), Edgbaston thoracica, Curt. Under stones and vegetable refuse ; spring to autumn ; scarce. Edgbaston obscura, Grav. In hotbeds, stack re- fuse, moss, etc. ; all seasons and all localities ALEOCHARINA (continued) Autalia impressa, Ol. In fungi and de- caying leaves ; very plentiful during summer and may be shaken out of dead leaves in winter ; all localities rivularis, Grav. In moss, hedge refuse, hotbeds, dung, carrion ; all seasons; abundant in all localities Encephalus complicans, Westw. In moss, dead leaves, grass tufts and stack re- fuse ; all seasons ; fairly plentiful in all parts Gyrophaena affinis, Mann. In fungi from spring to autumn ; amongst dead leaves in winter ; often abundant ; all localities gentilis, Er. Fungi ; spring to autumn ; all localities nana, Payk. Found with the preceding fasciata, Marsh. Fungi ; not so plenti- ful as some of the preceding. Knowle minima, Er. In fungi ; in all localities Isevipennis, Kr. In fungi ; spring to autumn ; in dead leaves in winter ; fairly plentiful ; all localities lucidula, Er. Amongst decaying leaves on margin of pond in a wood at Knowle manca, Er. Local and rather scarce. Edgehill (Blatch), Knowle strictula, Er. In polypori on old stumps ; spring to autumn ; abundant where it occurs. Near Tamworth (Blatch), Salford Priors Agaricochara laevicollis, Kr. Fungi ; on stumps and logs ; all seasons Placusa pumilio, Grav. Under bark and at sap ; all seasons ; local and rather scarce. Warwick, Knowle (Blatch), Solibull infima, Er. At sap on cossus trees ; rare. Knowle (Blatch), Solihull Epipeda plana, Gyll. Under bark of dead trees and logs ; all seasons ; plenti- ful where it occurs. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch), Edgbaston Silusa rubiginosa, Er. At sap on cossus trees ; rare. Knowle (Blatch) Lcptusa fumida, Er. Under bark ; all sea- sons ; all localities Sipalia ruficollis, Er. Under bark ; amongst dead leaves in woods and in moss on tree trunks ; all seasons. Knowle Bolitochara lucida, Grav. In polypori, on oaks and old stumps ; chiefly in spring and autumn ; local. Knowle bella, Mark. Under bark and in fungi ; scarce ; found occasionally through- out the year. Knowle (Blatch), Sal- ford Priors 93