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INSECTS STAPHYLININA (continued) one specimen) ; one specimen at Knowle by the author Philonthus nigrita, Nord. In sphagnum ; all seasons ; local. Coleshill micans, Grav. In moss and grass tufts, especially damp places. Knowle (Blatch), Coleshill trossulus, Nord. In moss, hotbeds, etc.; all seasons ; abundant everywhere puella, Nord. In, moss, refuse, carrion, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities Actobius cinerascens, Grav. In sphagnum, grass tussocks in bogs, on margins of ponds, etc. ; all seasons. Coleshill ; Button (Blatch), Knowle villosulus, Steph. Banks ot streams. Bromfird procerulus, Grav. One specimen at Knowle prolixus, Er. In moss, and in shingle and sand on margins of streams. Knowle Xantholinus fulgidus, F. In hotbeds, etc.; rare. Knowle (Blatch) glabratus, Grav. In moss, grass tufts, dung, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities punctulatus, Payk. In moss, hotbeds, at sap and under bark ; all seasons ; all localities ochraceus, Gyll. Habitat and distribu- tion same as last. atratus, Heer. In moss, gravel pits, under bark and stones, often in ants' nests ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) linearis, Ol. In hotbeds, etc. ; all sea- sons ; abundant everywhere longiventris, Heer. Occurs with pre- ceding and is equally plentiful Leptacinus parumpunctatus, Gyll. In hot- beds, stack refuse, under bones ; all seasons ; all localities batychrus, Gyll. In hotbeds and vege- table refuse ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Edgbaston linearis, Grav. In hotbeds, etc. ; all seasons ; an abundant species every- where formecetorum, Mark. In nests of the wood ant (Formica rufa); all seasons; plentiful locally. Knowle (Blatch) Baptolinus alternans, Grav. Under bark and decaying leaves ; all seasons ; all localities ; often abundant Othius fulvipennis, F. In moss, dead leaves, etc., and under bark; all sea- sons ; all localities laeviusculus, Steph. Habitat as in preceding ; not so abundant, but found throughout the district STAPHYLININA (continued) Othius melanocephalus, Grav. In moss refuse, grass roots, etc., etc. ; abun- dant at all times and everywhere myrmecophilus, Kies. In various ants' nests, moss, hotbeds, etc. ; as widely distributed and almost as plentiful as the preceding P/EDERINA Lathrobium elongatum, L. In moss, flood refuse, grass tufts, etc. ; abundant at all times and in all places boreale, Hoch. Found with the pre- ceding fulvipenne, Grav. Found with the last two rufipenne, Gyll. In sphagnum, mar- gins of ponds and streams ; all sea- sons ; rare. Knowle, Sutton (Blatch), Coleshill brunnipes, F. In moss, grass tufts, etc.; all seasons; all localities longulum, Grav. In moss and at roots of grass in damp places ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Solihull punctatum, Zett. In sphagnum and grass tussocks in bogs ; all seasons ; rare. Sutton Park ; Coleshill (Blatch) quadratum, Payk. In moss, etc., in boggy places. One specimen at Coleshill terminatum, Grav. In wet and boggy places and in moss ; all seasons ; all localities terminatum var. immaculatum, Fowler. Found with the type multipunctum, Grav. In moss, hedge refuse, under bones, etc. ; all seasons; all localities Achenium humile, Nic. In moss and flood refuse, under stones and clods; spring to autumn ; rare. Salford Priors (Blatch) Cryptobium glaberrimum, Herbst. In sphagnum, grass roots, etc., in boggy places ; all seasons. Knowle, Tysoe (Blatch), Coleshill and Sutton Park Stilicus rufipes, Germ. In moss, refuse, hotbeds, under bark, etc. ; all seasons; all localities orbiculatus, Er. Habitat and distribu- tion same as last similis, Er. In moss and hedge rubbish; rare. Knowle (Blatch) afEnis, Er. Habitat and distribution same as S. rufipes. Medon propinquus, Bris. In hotbeds, stack refuse, etc. ; all seasons ; scarce. Knowle ; Salford Priors (Blatch) melanocephalus, F. Found under same 97 13