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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE SCAPHIDIID^: Scaphidium 4 - maculatum, Ol. Under bark, in rotten wood and fungi ; all seasons. Knowle Scaphisoma agaricinum, L. In fungi, on stumps and under bark ; all seasons ; plentiful in all localities boleti, Panz. In fungi, dead leaves in wood, moss, under bark and on sappy stumps. Knowle TRICHOPTERYGID.E Pteryx suturalis, Heer. Under oak and birch bark ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch), Salford Priors Ptinella denticollis, Fairm. Under oak and birch bark, etc. ; all seasons ; abun- dant in all parts of midlands aptera, Guer. Under bark of oak, birch and ash, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle, Salford Priors (Blatch) angustula, Gill. Under bark of oak, birch, ash, etc. ; all seasons. Sutton ; Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle Trichopteryx thoracica, Matth. In hot- beds, grass tufts, moss and refuse ; all seasons. Knowle (abundant) atomaria, De G. In stack refuse, hedge refuse, hotbeds, etc. ; all sea- sons ; abundant throughout the district - anthracina, Matth. In hotbeds and under bones ; all seasons. Small Heath, Edgbaston ; Knowle (Blatch) grandicollis, Mann. In dung, moss, carrion and under bark ; all seasons ; all localities lata, Mots. In moss, grass tufts, hot- beds, etc. Abundant at all times throughout the district cantiana, Matth. In moss on hedge banks and grass tufts ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) fascicularis, Herbst. Grass tufts, hedge refuse, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle, Coleshill ; Sutton (Blatch) - sericans, Heer. In hotbeds, moss, grass tufts, etc. ; all seasons. Edgbaston ; Knowle (Blatch) bovina, Mots. In flood refuse, cow- sheds, hotbeds and dung ; all seasons - brevipennis, Er. Knowle (Blatch), Edgbaston longula, Matth. In hotbeds, cow- sheds, moss, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle picicornis, Mann. Amongst bones and in rotten wood ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) Trichopteryx montandonii, All. Hotbeds, moss, cowsheds and under bark ; all seasons. Knowle rivularis, All. Hotbeds ; autumn. Knowle chevrolati, All. In mushroom beds, hotbeds, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) dispar, Matth. In hotbeds and moss ; all seasons. Knowle Nephanes titan, Newm. In cut grass, hotbeds, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle Ptilium kunzei, Heer. In hotbeds, moss, dry rabbit skins, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Edgbaston spencei, All. In hotbeds, moss, rotten fungi, carrion and under bark ; all seasons. Edgbaston, Knowle - affine, Er. In moss ; winter. Knowle - exaratum, All. In vegetable refuse, moss, dead moles and dry rabbit skins ; all seasons. Knowle foveolatum, All. In hotbeds and moss ; all seasons ; Knowle Millidium trisulcatum, Aub. In hotbeds, moss, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle Ptenidium nitidum, Heer. In moss, hot- beds, grass tufts, hedge refuse, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant in all local- ities evanescens, Marsh. In vegetable re- fuse, moss, hotbeds, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere formecetorum, Er. In ants' nests, re- fuse, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle^ Sut- ton Park (Blatch), Edgbaston CORYLOPHID.E Orthoperus atomus, Gyll. In vegetable and stack refuse, moss, etc. ; on damp walls and under bark. Knowle Corylophus cassidioides, Marsh. In flood refuse ; all seasons. Salford Priors (Blatch) Sacium pusillum, Gyll. Said to be found under bark. One specimen on an orange which had been lying some time in a cupboard in the late Mr. W. G. Blatch's house at Small Heath. Found by his son, Mr. F. J. Blatch, Christmas, 1886. This is probably the only British specimen existing COCCINELLIDjE Subcoccinella 24-punctata, L. In flood refuse. Salford Priors (Blatch) Anisosticta ig-punctata, L. In axils of water plants and amongst vegetable refuse in bogs and marshy places ; 104