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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE Lathridius angulatus, Humm. In moss, etc. Knowle (Blatch) Coninomus nodifer, Westw. In hotbeds, moss, grass tufts, hedge refuse ; under bark and bones ; all seasons ; extremely plentiful in all localities constrictus, Humm. On damp walls ; said to occur under bark. Knowle Enicmus minutus, L. In hotbeds, vege- table refuse, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere transversalis, Ol. In fungi, moss, dead leaves, grass tufts and flowers ; all seasons ; plentiful. rugosus, Herbst. In rotten wood, fungi, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle, Salford Priors testaceus, Steph. In fungi on oaks ; spring to autumn. Knowle Cartodere ruficollis, Marsh. In fungi, moss, cowshed refuse, under bark, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant in all mid- land localities elongata, Curt. In moss, hedge refuse, fungi and under bark ; all seasons. Olton (Blatch), Knowle, Solihull Corticaria pubescens, Gyll. In flood refuse, moss and grass tufts ; all seasons. Salford Priors, Coleshill (Blatch), Knowle, Sutton crenulata, Gyll. In flood refuse, moss, etc. ; all seasons. Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle - denticulata, Gyll. In hedge refuse, moss, grass tussocks, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle ; Sutton (Blatch), Coleshill, Saljord Priors - serrata, Payk. Under bark, in stack refuse, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle fulva, Com. In vegetable refuse ; all seasons. Knowle, Sutton elongata, Humm. In moss, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere Melanopthalma gibbosa, Herbst. In moss and vegetable refuse ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere fuscula, Humm. In moss and vege- table refuse and under bark ; all seasons ; plentiful throughout the district CRYPTOPHAGID.E Diphyllus lunatus, F. In Hypoxylon con- centricum, on ash trees ; spring to autumn. Knowle (Blatch), Salford Priors Telmatophilus caricis, Ol. In moss and folds of Typha, amongst reeds, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant in all parts 108 Telmatophilus typhae, Fall. Found under same conditions and in same localities as preceding, but less abundantly Antherophagus nigricornis, F. On flowers of Viburnum, Spiraea, etc. Knowle pallens, Gyll. On rhododendron ; summer. Solihull, Knowle silaceus, Herbst. On Umbelliferae and in hawthorn blossom ; summer. Coleshill (Blatch) Cryptophagus lycoperdi, Herbst. In puff balls, under bark, amongst chips ; spring to autumn ; abundant in all midland localities setulosus, Sturm. In fungi, hedge refuse, etc., and at sap ; all seasons. Solihull, Knowle (Blatch) pilosus, Gyll. In hotbeds, cowshed refuse, moss, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle punctipennis, Bris. In hotbeds, under bones and bark ; all seasons. Knowle ruficornis, Steph. In Hypoxylon con- centricum on ash trees ; spring to autumn. Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle saginatus, Sturm. Cowshed refuse, grass tufts in bogs, etc. Sutton Cold- field (Blatch), Knowle umbratus, Er. In cowshed refuse, grass tufts and under bark ; all seasons. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle scanicus, L. In vegetable refuse, moss, fungi and under bark ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere scanicus var. patruelis, Sturm. Found with the type badius, Sturm. In moss and flowers and by sweeping ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Salford Priors validus, Kr. In hotbeds, warehouses, etc. ; all seasons. Edgbaston (Blatch), Knowle dentatus, Herbst. In hotbeds, fungi, vegetable refuse, etc. ; all seasons. Edgbaston (Blatch), Knowle, Sutton distinguendus, Sturm. In hotbeds and grass tufts in bogs ; all seasons. Edgbaston, Knowle (Blatch) acutangulus, Gyll. In hotbeds, moss, under bark, etc. ; all seasons. Edg- baston (Blatch), Knowle cellaris, Scop. In granaries, cellars, fungi, etc. ; all seasons ; all locali- ties affinis, Sturm. In straw refuse, cow- sheds, moss, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere