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INSECTS LAMIINA (continued) Tetrops praeusta, Steph. On apple and other blossoms ; spring and summer. Knowle BRUCHID.E Bruchus pectinicornis, L. In granaries, etc. ; all seasons. Birmingham pisi, L. In peas ; all seasons. Knowle (B latch), Birmingham rufimanus, Boh. Amongst beans and in pea fields ; summer. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle atomarius, L. On various flowers. Knowle (Blatch) loti, Payk. On Lotus corniculatus, etc. ; summer. Knowle villosus, F. On flowers of broom and other plants ; summer. Knowle CHRYSOMELID^E EUPODA Donacia crassipes, F. On water lilies ; summer. Knowle (Blatch) - dentata, Hoppe. On Potamogeton, etc. ; summer. Knowle versicolorea, Brahm. On Potamogeton, etc. ; summer. Knowle limbata, Panz. On flags, etc. ; sum- mer. Knowle bicolora, Zsch. On aquatic plants ; summer. Knowle simplex, F. On aquatic plants ; sum- mer ; abundant everywhere vulgaris, Zsch. On Typha latifolia, etc. ; summer. Knowle semicuprea, Panz. On aquatic plants ; summer. Knowle sericea, Herbst. On aquatic plants ; spring to autumn ; abundant in all localities discolor, Panz. On aquatic plants and grass tufts in bogs ; all seasons. Sut- ton Park - affinis, Kunze. On Carex paludosa ; very abundant on canal side at Knowle in June Zeugophora subspinosa, F. On young aspens, birches, etc. ; spring to autumn. Knowle Lema cyanella, L. Amongst herbage, moss, etc., in meadows ; all seasons. Knowle lichenis, Voeb. Amongst herbage, in grass tufts, moss, etc. ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere melanopa, L. Amongst herbage, especi- ally in cornfields ; spring to autumn ; all localities Crioceris asparagi, L. On asparagus. Knowle CAMPTOSOMATA Clythra quadripunctata, L. On herbage and trees in and near woods ; often found in and near nests of Formica rufa. Knowle Cryptocephalus pusillus, F. On birch, etc., in and near woods ; spring and autumn. Knowle labiatus, L. On various trees in and near woods ; spring to autumn ; all localities, plentiful frontalis, Marsh. On birch and wil- low ; summer. Knowle CYCLICA Lamprosoma concolor, Sturm. Amongst herbage, at grass roots, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle Timarcha tenebricosa, F. Hedge sides, heaths and commons, etc. ; spring and summer ; all localities violaceonigra, De G. On heaths and commons ; spring and summer. Sutton Park (Blatch) Chrysomela staphylea, L. On herbage, in moss, grass tufts, etc. ; all sea- sons ; abundant in all localities polita, L. In marshy places, etc., and on herbage ; all seasons ; abundant in all localities orichalcia, Miill. On herbage ; sum- mer. Alcester (Blatch) orichalcia var. hobsoni, Steph. Found with the type form. Alcester (Blatch) menthrasti, Suffr. Marshy places on mint, etc. Edgbaston Melasoma longicolle, Suffr. On aspens in woods ; summer. Edgbaston (Blatch), Knowle Phytodecta rufipes, De G. On aspen, hazel, etc., in woods ; summer. Brandon (Blatch), Knowle viminalis, L. On sallows, aspen, etc., in woods ; summer. Knowle olivacea, Forst. On wood sage, broom ; in moss, etc. ; all seasons. Knowle' olivacea var. litura, F. Knowle (Blatch) Gastroidea polygoni, L. On Polygonum and other low plants ; spring to autumn ; very abundant Plagiodera versicolorea, Laich. On wil- lows ; spring to autumn. Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle Phasdon tumidulus, Germ. On herbage, in moss, etc. ; all seasons ; all locali- ties armoracias, L. Habitat and distribution same as the preceding cochleariae, F. On watercress, etc. ; often found in moss in wet places ; all seasons ; all localities