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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE NYMPHAUN/E (continued) [Argynnis Dia, L. It was at Sutton Park that this species was supposed to have been taken by Weaver, and it was also in this county at Leamington that A. Aphrodite, an American species, I believe, was supposed to have been taken by Mr. Walhouse as recorded by Morris] Aglaja, L. Rare. Occurs at Wol- ford Woods (Austen and W. C. E. Wheeler) ; is quoted two or three times in the Rugby lists from Bran- don Woods ; the Rev. W. Bree re- cords it from Coleshill Poo/, near to which E. C. Tye believes he took it some years ago ; and W. G. Blatch gives Knowh in Brit. Asm. Hand. I have never seen a Warwick- shire specimen myself, and there is not much ground suitable to it Adippe, L. Not uncommon in some of the larger woods. Coombe Woods (W. Bree and G. B. Longstaff, E.M.M. 1866, p. 138); Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists, and G. B. LongstafF in Newman's) ; Wolford Woods (Austen, W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Marston Green (E. C. Tye) ; Knowh (C. J. Wainwright, Blatch Hand.) ; Earlswood (A. D. Imms) - Paphia, L. Found with Adippe as a rule, not uncommon in most suitable places. Wolf or d Woods (Austen and W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Coombe Woods (G. B. LongstafF, E.M.M. 1866, p. 138); Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Chesterton Wood and Oakley Wood near Warwick (common, P. P. Baly) ; Corley (abundant formerly, none seen for many years, W. Bree) ; Brandon (W. Bree, 1900); Know/e (Blatch Hand.) ; Marston Green (E. C. Tye believes he took it there) ; Sutton Park (A. D. Imms records it as common in the Park, see Entom. 1898, p. 43 ; Mr. Brad- ley and I however have collected in the very spot many times and have never seen or heard of it there) SATYRIN.S Melanargia Galathea, L. Not common ; is recorded from Alcester (R. C. Bradley and Blatch Cat.) ; Know/e ; Henley - in - Arden, Salford Priors (W. G. Blatch, E.M.M. 1887, p. 199, etc.) ; Print Hill and Long Itchington (W. Bree) ; Warwick (once, 128 SATYRIN.S (continued) Baly) ; Know/e (in woods near, but not taken for many years, F. Enock in Newman's) ; Weston Park (one, Austen) ; Wolford (common in cer- tain very restricted spots, does not occur every year, W. C. E. Wheeler). I have however not heard of any recent captures in several of the above localities [Satyrus Semele, L. Has been recorded in the Rugby lists, but I doubt its occurrence in the county] Pararge ./Egeria, L. I believe not uncom- mon in woods, but I have few re- cords : Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Warwick (one, Baly) ; Rugby (many times in Rugby lists from different woods) ; and F. Enock in his list of insects occurring within ten miles of Birmingham gives it as common Megera, L. Common. Warwick (com- mon, Baly) ; Rugby (Rugby lists many times) ; Wolford Woods (Aus- ten) ; Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Sut- ton Park (W. G. Blatch, E.M.M. 1887, p. 200) Aphantopus (Epinephele) Hyperantus (Hy- peranthus), L. Common in many places. Hampton (G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (H. W. Ellis); Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Oakley and Hay Woods (in profusion, Baly) ; Rugby = Bran- don Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Wol- ford (Austen, W. C. E. Wheeler) Epinephele Jurtina, L. (Janira). Common throughout the county Tithonus, L. Common. Solibul/(A. H. Martineau) ; Know/e (W. Kiss) ; Know/e and Shottery (Blatch Cat.) ; Warwick (common, Baly) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) ; Whitchurch (common, (J. H. Bloom) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Coenonympha Pamphilus, L. Common in all suitable localities ; very abundant in Sutton Park ERYCINID.E Nemeobius Lucina, L. Not usually found in Warwickshire, but W. C. E. Wheeler records it from Wolford just inside the county in the extreme south-west LYC/ENIDjE Thecla w-album, Knock. Wolford (not common, W. C. E. Wheeler); Brandon Woods (four or five in