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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE TRIFIN.* (continued) locality for it is Button Park, where it occurs regularly but locally and not abundantly. It is also recorded from Rugby once (Rugby list, 1874) Mamestra dentina, Esp. Common every- where reticulata,Vill. (saponariae,Bkh.) Rare. I have records from Whitchurch (J. H. Bloom) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Overslade (Rugby list = J. M. Furness, 1892) serena, F. Not common ; occurs oc- casionally in Sutton Park, and I also have records from Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) ; Rugby Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) ; A-therstone (C. Baker) ; Whitchurch (on Worcester side of parish, L. C. Keighley-Peach) Dianthcecia capsincola (S.V.), Hb. Com- mon. Marston Green (G.W.Wynn); Small Heath (J.T. Fountain); Knowle (Blatch Coll.); Rugby (Rugby lists and N. V. Sidgwick) ; Edgbaston (Dr. Jordan) cucubali (S.V.), Fuessl. Not uncom- mon. Knowle (R. C. Bradley) ; Birmingham (Blatch Coll.); Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists); Ather- stone (C. Baker) Bombycia viminalis, F. Not uncommon. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.); Rugby (N. V. Sidgwick, and Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Miana literosa, Haw. Knowle (R. C. Bradley); Hampton-in-Arden (G.W. Wynn); Small Heath(Vf .G. Blatch); Atherstone (C. Baker) strigilis, Cl. Very common through- out the district. In the immediate neighbourhood of Birmingham the usual form is var. aethiops, Haw. Amongst many specimens I took or saw on 'sugar' in Handsworth (a Staf- fordshire suburb) I only took one specimen with any distinct white markings, and I believe that is the more general experience around Birmingham. I have records of the species from all parts of the county, but do not know what form prevails right away from Birmingham, though at Knowle the black one is still the commoner one. fasciuncula, Haw. Common ; occurs in every list, and I believe is nearly always found with the preceding but less commonly bicoloria, Vill. Tfardley, Sutton, Hamp- TRIFIN.S (continued) ton-in-Arden (very common in 1900 in the last locality, G. W. Wynn) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) Bryophila perla, F. Common throughout the county in suitable spots, but of course local Diloba cceruleocephala, L. Throughout the county ; is recorded in every list Apamea testacea, Hb. Common everywhere Celaena matura, Hufn. (cytherea, F.). Well distributed, not common. Knowle (W. G. Blatch, R. C. Bradley); Hampton-in-Arden (a few, 1900, G. W. Wynn) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists); Atherstone (C. Baker); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler); Whitchurch (on Worcestershire side, L. C. Keighley-Peach) Hadena adusta, Esp. Not common and very local. Sutton Park (G. W. Wynn) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Knowle (W. Kiss) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) ochroleuca, Esp. One specimen is in the Blatch collection which has been recorded as having occurred near Small Heath, and according to the Blatch MS. Catalogue of the collec- tion was taken by Mr. James Madi- son ; no other specimen has been taken anywhere near Birmingham to my knowledge - furva (S.V.), Hb. Mr. C. Baker in- forms me that he took two speci- mens at Athsrstone, which were as- signed to this species by Mr. R. Newstead of Chester. It certainly seems very rare throughout the mid- lands and needs confirmation sordida, Bkh. (anceps, Hb.) Not common. Coventry ; Sutton (G. W. Wynn) ; Hampton-in-Arden (one in 1 900, G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (R. C. Bradley, and Blatch Coll.); Small Heath (H. Taylor); Rugby = Over- slade, etc. (Rugby lists) monoglypha, Hufn. Extremely com- mon everywhere. Var. infuscata, Buch. White. Very rare, only one recorded, Solihull (A. H. Martineau) lithoxylea, F. Common ; occurs in every list. Mr. G. W. Wynn found it very common at ' sugar ' at Hamp- ton-in-Arden in 1900 sublustris, Esp. Much less common. Hampton-in-Arden (a few, 1900, (G. W. Wynn) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) 136