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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE BOARMIIN.* Abraxas grossulariata, L. Exceedingly abun- dant in gardens, etc., as usual sylvata, Sc. Not common and very local. Knowle (Blatch Coll., W. Kiss) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, Newbold Road, Overslade, etc. (Rug- by lists) ; Athentone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (not seen for some time, W. C. E. Wheeler) - marginata, L. Common in woods, etc. - adustata, Schiff. Rare. Sutton (P. W. Abbott); I Rugby (Rugby list, 1888 only) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Bapta temerata (S.V.), Hb. Rare. Rugby = Frankton Woods (Rugby list, 1886); Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Deilinia pusaria, L. Common everywhere. Ab. rotundaria, Haw., has occurred. I bred one from a lot of Sutton larvae, and it is also twice recorded in the Rugby lists exanthemata, Sc. Common everywhere Numeria pulveraria, L. Not common. Knowle (C. J. W., etc.) ; Hampton- in-Arden (G. W. Wynn) ; Athentone (C. Baker) ; Rugby Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists) Ellopia prosapiaria, L. (fasciaria, SchifF.). Occurs in Sutton Park, but not com- monly, and the only other record is ^from Overslade = Rugby (J. M. Fur- ness, Rugby lists) Metrocampa margaritata, L. Common and generally distributed Ennomos quercinaria, Hufn. (angularia [S.V.], Hb.) Not common. Knowle (W. G. Blatch, W. Kiss) ; Rugby = Overslade, Frankton Wood, etc. (Rugby lists); Whitchurch (L. C. Keigh ley-Peach); Wolford (W.C.E. Wheeler) - alniaria, L. (tiliaria, Bkh.) Fairly com- mon and generally distributed - fuscantaria, Haw. Not common. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Rugby (Rugby lists, bred from larvae, N. V. Sidg- wick) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) - erosaria (S.V.), Hb. Rare. Marston Green (R. C. Bradley) ; Leamington, Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; ? Rugby (Rugby list, 1892 only) Selenia bilunaria, Esp. (illunaria, Hb.) Occurs throughout the county not uncommonly ; also var. juliaria, Haw. - lunaria, Schiff. Much less common. Knowle (C. J. W., etc.); Tardley (G. W. Wynn, etc.); Marston Green (R. C. Bradley); near Bir- 146 BOARMIIN.* (continued) mingham (Blatch Hand.) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) Selenia tetralunaria, Hufn. (illustraria, Hb.) Not common. Knowle (W. G. Blatch) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) ; also given in Enock's List, 1870 Hygrochroa syringaria, L. Seems to occur throughout the county, as it is in every list, but it is far from common Gonodontis bidentata, Cl. Common every- where Himera pennaria, L. Not uncommon. rard!ey(G.W. Wynn, etc.); Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.); Sutton Park (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) ; Atherstone (C. Baker) Crocallis elinguaria, L. Generally distri- buted and fairly common Ourapteryx sambucaria, L. Common every- where Eurymene dolobraria, L. Not common. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, W. G. Blatch) ; Sutton Park (W. G. Blatch = not taken for many years, C. J. W.) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists, many times) ; Wol- ford (W. C. E. Wheeler) Opisthograptis luteolata, L. (cratasgata, L.) Very common everywhere Epione apiciaria, SchifF. Seems to occur throughout the county, but it is far from common Semiothisa liturata, Cl. Common in Sut- ton Park ; also recorded from Knowle (R. C. Bradley, etc.) ; Rugby = Bran- don Woods, Frankton, etc. (Rugby lists) ; and probably occurs wherever there are fir woods Hybernia rupicapraria(S.V.), Hb. Common throughout the county leucophaearia, Schiff. Generally dis- tributed and fairly common aurantiaria, Esp. Not common. Sutton Park (C. J. W., etc.) ; Tardley (G. W. Wynn); Knowle (R. C.Bradley, etc.); Atherstone (C. Baker) ; Wolford (W. C. E. Wheeler) marginaria, Bkh. (progemmaria, Hb.) Very common everywhere. Dark forms are frequent, both the uni- colorous var. fuscata and also speci- mens more or less richly clouded with dark colour, the markings re- maining as usual defoliaria, Cl. Very common every- where. The oaks in Sutton Park are in some seasons nearly stripped of their foliage, the larvae of this