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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE TORTRICIN.S (continued) (Blatch Coll., R. C. Bradley) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) Cnephasia pasivana, Hb. (pascuana). Knowle (R. C. Bradley) nubilana, Hb. Rugby = Overstate, etc. (Rugby lists and confirmed by N. V. Sidgwick) Cheimatophila tortricella, Hb. (Tortricodes hyemana, Hb.) Common in all woods, etc. Anisotaenia rectifasciana, Haw. (hybridana, Wilk.) Knowle (R. C. Bradley, Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists) CONCHYLIN.S: Conchylis nana, Haw. Sutton (R. C. Bradley) maculosana, Haw. Knowle, Middleton (R. C. Bradley) Hartmanniana, Cl. (Baumanniana, Schiff.). Occasional (F. Enock, List, 1869) - cnicana, Doubl. Knowle, Sutton (R. C. Bradley) ; Mauley (R. C. Brad- ley) ; Small Heath (Blatch Coll.) - ciliella, Hb. Knowle (R. C. Bradley) Euxanthis hamana, L. Knowle (R. C. Bradley, Blatch Coll.); Rugby = Cathiron, etc. (Rugby lists). Occa- sional (F. Enock, List, 1869) - zoegana, L. Knowle (R. C. Bradley) ; Rugby = Owrsladty etc. (Rugby lists, N. V. Sidgwick) straminea, Haw. Rugby (I have a specimen which I believe to be this species, N. V. Sidgwick) angustana, Hb. Knowle (R. C. Brad- ley) OLETHREUTIN;E (GRAPHALOTINJE) Evetria buoliana, Schiff. Sutton (R. C. Bradley) ; Brandon (N. V. Sidgwick) pinicolana, Doubl. Sutton Park (Blatch Coll.) Olethreutes salicella, L. Knowle, Sutton (R. C. Bradley) ; Small Heath (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby (N. V. Sidg- wick). Occasional (F. Enock, List, 1869) capreana, Hb. Frankton Wood (N. V. Sidgwick) corticana, Hb. Knowle, Moseley (R. C. Bradley) ; Solihull, Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Overslade (]. M. Furness, Rugby lists, 1894) betulaetana, Haw. Knowle, Sutton (R. C. Bradley) sauciana, Hb. Sutton Park (Blatch Coll.) variegana, Hb. Common everywhere OLETHREUTIN.ffi (GRAPHALOTINjE) (continued) Olethreutes pruniana, Hb. Knowle (com- mon, R. C. Bradley); Rugby = Brandon Woods, Overslade, etc. (Rugby lists). Occasional (F. Enock, List, 1869) nigricostana, Haw. Sutton (R. C. Bradley) ; once also given in Rugby lists, 1898 striana, Schiff. Rugby, Frankton Wood (N. V. Sidgwick) branderiana, L. Knowle (R. C. Brad- ley) micana, Hb. Sutton (R. C. Bradley) urticana, Hb. Rugby (Rugby lists). Occasional (F. Enock, List, 1869) lacunana, Dup. Knowle (R. C. Brad- ley) ; Solihull, Sutton, ColeMll (Blatch Cat.) ; Rugby = Brandon Woods, etc. (Rugby lists). Occasional (F. Enocfe, List, 1869) Polychrosis euphorbiana, Frr. One at Moseley (R. C. Bradley). This is perhaps outside the county, but just near the border line. It is a most unexpected capture, but the speci- men has been named by Mr. C. G. Barrett Lobesia permixtana, Hb. (reliquana, Hb.) Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby list, once only, 1867 Steganoptycha ramella, L. (Paykulliana, Wilk.) Sutton, Knowle (R. C. Brad- ley) ; Knowle (Blatch Coll.) Occa- sional (F. Enock, List, 1869) diniana, Gn. (pinicolana, Z. ; occul- tana, Dougl.) Sutton (R. C. Brad- ley) corticana, Hb. Common everywhere cruciana, L. Knowle (Blatch Coll.) trimaculana, Don. Knowle, Moseley (R. C. Bradley) ; Rugby (Rugby lists) Gypsonoma incarnana, Haw. (dealbana, Froel.) Knowle, Moseley, Sutton (R. C. Bradley) ; Rugby (N. V. Sidgwick, Rugby list, 1898) neglectana, Dup. Knowle (Blatch Coll.) ; Small Heath (Blatch Coll.) Bactra lanceolana, Hb. Everywhere. Knowle, etc. (R. C. Bradley) ; Sutton (Blatch Coll.) Semasia hypericana, Hb. Knowle (R. C. Bradley) ; Rugby (N. V. Sidgwick, Rugby list, 1898) Notocelia Uddmanniana, L. Knowle (R. C. Bradley) ; Solihull (Blatch Coll.) ; Rugby = Bilton, Overslade (Rugby lists). Occasional (F. Enock, List, 1869) 152