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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE introduction of reaping and mowing machines it will at no distant time become extinct. It than they have been since. The sickle and is even questionable whether under the opera- scythe left stubble in the fields, which being tion of the Ground Game Act preservation gathered into cocks late in the autumn as ordinarily understood will be found suffi- afforded a comfortable retreat for all those cient to prevent extinction, small mammals ; but the reaping machines having done away with the stubble they are 3- Rabbit. Ltptu cunlculus, Linn, now less frequently seen. There seems no danger of this creature _, _ becoming extinct or even scarce. Its great 29. Common Hare. Leflu europ<e US , Pallas. fertility and its burrowing habits wil , su( . 6 cess . Bell Lepus ttmiJus. f u ji y operate to keep up its numbers with Unless steps are taken to preserve the hare very little protection. 212