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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE CLOUDESLEY BUSH. Tumulus on Fosse Way, two miles south of High Cross, now removed. Dugdale (p. 92), Stukeley [Itin. Curiosum, i. in] and others took this to be the tomb of one Claudius, and the impossible idea still lingers in some books. COLESHILL. Copper coin of Trajan discovered among old foundations in Grimeshill field, north of the town [Dugdale, p. 1006 ; hence Gough, Add. to Camden, ii. 461, and others]. Possibly an unexplored Roman house. COMBE ABBEY. See Peter Hall. COMBROOK. Coins (i Victorinus, I Helena, 5 Constantine, I Urbs Roma) at Brokehampton, near Butlers Marston [J. H. Bloom]. COMPTON, LONG. Two coins : ' first brass ' of Lucilla, ' second brass ' of Daza [Journal of British Archttological Association, xvii. 75]. COVENTRY. 'Second brass' of Nero, also 'regular pavement' under Broadgate, taken to be Roman in Gentleman's Magazine, 1793, ii. 787, and later writers. But as no other Roman objects have occurred in Coventry the pavement may better be called medieval. DUGDALE. Reynolds (p. 437) ascribes remains to a place of this name, but he means Coles- hill. EATINGTON (ETTINGTON). Many coins, including a ' second brass ' of the elder Faustina and and Constantinian 'third brass,' bronze fibula. Samian ware (SATVRNINI -OF and SENTIA M) found in Eatington Park [E. P. Shirley, Archaeological Journal, ii. 199, and Lower Eatington (London, 1869), p. no ; J. H. Bloom]. These finds can be connected with others made at Halford and in Worcestershire at Newbold-on-Stour, Talton, Arnscote [Victoria History of Worcestershire, . 22O ; Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, ser. 2, iv. 231]. The whole seems to indicate a rather denser population here than in most of Warwickshire. FENNY COMPTON. Much pottery (Samian, pelves, grey-blue common ware, etc.) was found in 1 88 1 in draining the ' Great Ground,' a field about half a mile south of the village on the lane to Farnborough fields ; some pieces resemble wasters from a kiln. [Information from E. R. P. Knott of St. Leonards, Burton Dassett, who showed me specimens.] FOLESHILL. Two hoards of fourth century copper coins in earthen jugs, found December, 1792, and January, 1793. The former comprised 1800 coins of Constantine I. and Magnentius ; the latter, larger coins, better preserved but fewer, of the same period [Gentleman's Magazine, 1793, i. 83, and ii. 786, with plate of urn]. GOODREST. Coins vaguely mentioned by J. T. Burgess [Warwick Field Club Report, 1873, p. 1 1]. Goodrcst is 3 miles north of Warwick and a mile west of Leek Wootton. HALFORD BRIDGE. Coins of Gallienus, Probus, etc., found in a field called ' The Stones,' now in possession of Mr. T. S. Potter [J. H. Bloom]. Other small finds ; see Warwick Field Club Report, 1878. The remains noted in Gentleman's Magazine, 1792, ii. 785, seem post-Roman. See Eatington, above. HAMPTON-IN-ARDEN. See Knowle. HARBOROUGH BANKS. Earthwork called Roman by Dugdale (p. 790) ; [Hannett, Forest of Arden (London, 1863), p. 12] ; but. not Roman. In Lapworth parish. HARTSHILL. Kilns found 1891-7 at the Caldecote quarries. Much pottery was noted in and round the kilns, a little Samian and dark grey ware, but principally cream-coloured pelves (mortaria] 10 to 15 inches in diameter stamped with various marks on the rims. One in Warwick Museum has the stamp /nine which is obviously an attempt to make a stamp without troubling about the letters. Prof. Windle records stamps VDIO and SAR R but I fancy that these were not really so definite [Windle, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, xvi. 405 ; Builders' Journal, April 7, 1897 ; Warwick Field Club Report, 1897, pp. 27, IOO ; pieces in Warwick Museum], Bartlett [Manduessedum Romanum, p. 15] records that in 1773 a tumulus was dug up here and beneath was found a brick pavement 6 feet square with a hole at each corner. I do not know if this belonged to another kiln [see also Nichols' Leicestershire, iv. 1092, 1031 ; Brayley and Britton, p. 310]. 246