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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE The duplicate entries which are sometimes found in the great Survey are of value for the light they throw on the methods of its compilation. In Warwickshire the only certain example is afforded by Clifton, which the scribes, as they sometimes did in such cases, dealt with in two places. Turchil's father, jElfwine the sheriff, had bestowed the manor on the church of Coventry, which had been despoiled of it by Earl Aubrey, whose land, at the time of the Survey, was in the king's hands. The scribes, when recording the Coventry manors, added at the foot of the column an entry dealing with the case ; but they reckoned the manor among those that Earl Aubrey had held, although a marginal note alluded to the church's claim. We observe, on comparing the two entries, that the case for the church is distinctly stronger in the first of the two, the validity of ^Elfwine's grant and the wrongfulness of the earl's action being clearly expressed : CHURCH OF COVENTRY EARL AUBREY fo. r)8b f- J 39b ' Huic ascclesias dedit Alwinus vicecomes ' Hanc terram dedit Alwin aecclesiae de Cliptone conccssu regis E, et filiorum iuorum Coventreu pro anima sua T.R.E. Comes pro anima sua et testimonia comitatm. Comes Albericus abstulit.' Albericus hanc injuste invasit et aecclesias abstulit.' In the first of these entries we seem to be hearing the monks' own story, while the second appears to be a marginal note based upon the first. Another case in which an estate is almost certainly entered twice over is that, as Mr. Carter points out, of the 2 hides held by Leofwine at Flecknoe. These are first entered as held of the Bishop of Worcester by Leofwine, and then, at the end of the Survey, appear as held by Leof- wine (as he said, but failed to prove) of the bishop. Here, the tenure being disputed, a duplicate entry, it would appear, was made. Isdem episcopus tenet in Flechenho ii Lewin' tenet de rege ii hidas et dim. virga- hidas et dim. virgatam terrae, et Lewin de eo. tam terrae in Flechenho. Terra est ii car. Terra est ii car. Ibi sunt ii villani et i bor- Ibi est una cum ii villanis et i bordario et vi darius cum i car. Ibi vi acre prati. T.R.E. et acris prati. Valuit x solidos. Modo xx. post valebat x solidos. Modo xx" solidos solidos (fo. 2440). (fo. 238b). I have spoken of this dispute on p. 288 above. It is thought that the two entries under ' Bertanestone ' (Barston) may be duplicates, for the two surveys would be identical were it not that the first gives 9 hides and 1 1 ploughlands, and the second 10 hides and i o ploughlands. But the one shows us ' R. de Olgi ' holding the manor of Turchil, while the other makes Robert the Despenser hold it in demesne. The alternative, of course, is that we are dealing with two moieties of what was one estate, as is certainly the case at Shuttington. Bridlington Priory, which was founded by his son and closely connected with his house. It seems difficult to account for the gift in any other way, but the manorial evidence does not seem to support the identification. 296