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NOTE TO DOMESDAY MAP COMPILED BY BENJAMIN WALKER, A.R.I.B.A. On the accompanying map the manors held by the king are shown by red capitals ; those held by the chief ecclesiastical tenant, the abbey of Coventry, by red small type ; and those held by the chief lay tenant, the Count of Meulan, by black capitals. The asterisk against some of the abbey's manors indicates that the Count of Meulan also had an interest there. For the sake of uniformity and convenience of reference the modern boundaries of the county are given. These probably differ but little from those in Domesday times except in the extreme south, where the parish of Little Compton, formerly belonging to Gloucestershire, has been transferred to Warwick- shire. Neither the rivers nor the three great ancient ways, the Watling Street, the Fosse Way, and the Icknield Street, are mentioned in the Survey, but they are so necessary to the under- standing of the map that they have been added. The general positions of the ten hundreds into which the county was divided in Domesday times are shown upon the map ; but as the rubrication of the Survey is not sufficiently accurate to enable them to be reconstructed with certainty, no attempt has been made to indicate their boundaries. In those cases where Domesday Book records a name in two or more different forms only one of the variants can be given on the map. The natural characteristics of the district are well shown by the varying density of the names upon the map. This density is greatest in the fertile valleys of the Arrow and the Avon, and least in the forest district of the Arden in the west and north- west of the county. In fixing the position of manors the church has been the guide. The manors of Rincele and Werlavescote are not marked on the map, as their positions could not be identified.