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THE HOLDERS OF LANDS a league broad, is worth 12 shillings when it bears (oneratur). It (Ulverlei) was worth IO pounds ; now 4 pounds. Earl Eduin held it. With this is valued also the following estate (terra). The same (Ipsa) Cristina holds I hide in ARLEI [Arley]. 1 There are 4 villeins who have (habentes) 2 ploughs. Wood(land) I league long and a half 2 and in breadth I league, when it bears (oneratur), is worth 60 shillings. IN MERETON [MARTON] HUNDRET The same Cristina holds ICENTONE [Long Itchington]. 3 There are 24 hides. There is land for 2 1 ploughs. In the demesne are 5 ploughs and 10 serfs ; and 83 villeins with 2 priests and 4 bordars have 17 ploughs. There are 2 mills worth (de) 6 shillings and 8 pence, and 16 acres of meadow ; pasture 2 furlongs long and i furlong broad. It was worth 1 2 pounds ; now 2O pounds. When the king gave it to Cristina it was paying 36 pounds. XLIII. OF THE KING'S ALMS (Elemosinte Regis) Leveve the nun (mania/is) holds of the king SALFORD [Salford Priors] * in almoin (in demos'). There are 3 hides. There is land for IO ploughs. In the demesne are 2, and 7 serfs ; and (there are) 8 villeins and 8 bordars with a priest, who have (habentes) 8 ploughs. There is a mill worth (de) 5 shillings, and 12 acres of meadow. Wood (land) 2 furlongs long and half a furlong broad. It was worth 40 shillings ; now 6 pounds. Godeva, the wife of Earl Leofric (Leurici) held it. 1 This is obvious, and Arley also came to the Limesis. Being afterward in Marlon Leet, it was doubtless in the Domesday Hundred of Meretone.' [There can be no doubt that Arley was in the Leet of Marton, for it is so described in the Subsidy Roll of i Edw. III., and also in the Roll quoted by Dugdale, Antlq. Warwlcks. p. 4 (1656 ed.) Other- wise one would certainly say, from its position, that it was in the Leet of Brinklow and, in Domesday times, in the Hundred of ' Bomelau.' B.W.] J Translated word for word, in the same order as the Latin. 3 Plainly, because Long Itchington was in Marton Leet and was held by the Limesis.

  • This is quite clear. Its history as distinct

from Abbot's Salford is given by Dugdale. Like Abbot's Salford it was doubtless in the Domesday Hundred of ' Fernecumbe." The two Salfords to- gether contained 5 hides. IN FERNECUMBE HUNDRET Edith (Eddid) holds of the king 5 hides in BICHEMERSE [Bickmarsh]. There is land for 9 ploughs. In the demesne are 3 ploughs and 4 serfs ; and (there are) 13 villeins and 3 bordars with 6 ploughs. It was worth 4 pounds ; now i oo shillings. The same (Edith) held it T.R.E. to. 344b XLIV. THE LAND OF RICHARD THE FORESTER IN BOMELAU HUNDRET Richard the Forester holds of the king HERDEBERGE [Harborough ( ? Great and Little)]. 5 There are 4^ hides. There is land for as many ploughs. There are 4 villeins and 4 bordars with I plough. There are 2O acres of meadow. It was worth 10 shillings ; now 2O shillings. Four thegns held it freely. The same Richard holds half a hide in BRANCOTE [Bramcote in Bulkington]. 6 There is land for I plough. There is I villein with half a plough. It is worth 2 shillings. Sexi held it freely. IN MERETON [MARTON] HUNDRET R(ichard) holds of the king 2 hides in GRENEBERGE [Grandborough]. 7 There is land for 4 ploughs. In the demesne are 2, and 3 serfs ; and (there are) 6 villeins and 2 bordars with 2 ploughs. There are 20 acres of meadow. It was worth 20 shillings ; now 50 shillings. Bundi held it freely. 8 6 This is doubtless so ; for ' Bomelau ' Hundred, which contained Monks Kirby, may well have in- cluded the adjoining Harborough. ' Bomelau ' Hundred seems to have been superseded by Brink- low Leet, in which Harborough subsequently appears. 6 This seems correct. Being afterward in Brinklow Leet, it was doubtless in the Domesday Hundred of ' Bomelau. ' This half-hide together with the hide and a half held by Earl Aubrey would make this Bramcote a 2-hide place. More- over, Sexi, its T.R.E. tenant, had also been tenant of Weston, Smercote and Souley, all adjoining to Bramcote-in-Bulkington. 7 The 8 hides i virgate of the Church of Coventry's estate, together with the 2 hides here recorded, make it appear that this was a lo-hide place, to which an additional virgate of assessment had been tacked on. 8 This last clause is inserted at the end of the next entry, but is plainly connected by a reference sign with this entry relating to Grandborough. 341