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! ANCIENT DEFENSIVE EARTHWORKS of the histories of these moated mount castles being entered into ; they will be dealt with in later topographical sections. BEAUSALE (4 miles north-west of Warwick). The somewhat worn remains of an oval entrenchment are to be seen upon an eminence called Camphill in this hamlet, about i miles south of Honiley parish church ; a farmhouse stands just within it at the end nearest the high road. The camp is situated upon a little hill which projects eastwards from the ridge of high ground running from Honiley to Haseley ; it overlooks the valley along which the Inchford brook takes its course towards Kenilworth a couple of miles away ; it has an extensive BEAUSALE A.D 1837 after Bloxam SCALE OF FEET IOO 2OO 3OO prospect. In form the earthwork is roughly egg-shaped, with its broadest end towards the west ; it has a raised interior plateau of about 5^ acres, which is surrounded by a rampart, now much worn ; beyond this is a wide ditch, evidently far less deep than it once was, and outside the latter, remains of a second rampart are discernible here and there, more especially upon the north and east ; some parts of the ditch contain water. These defences have become much less imposing during the last three-quarters of a century, owing both to the effects of natural denudation and to the operations of the agriculturist ; a plan 357