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ANCIENT DEFENSIVE EARTHWORKS cult to say what they once were. Local antiquaries have suggested that they belonged to some mediaeval fortress about which history would seem to be silent, or again that they originated in a far earlier age. It may be noted that the lord of the manor here in the time of Edward I. had a park of 30 acres, which would point to some residence of importance, most probably fortified, to which it belonged ; the local tradition which calls the mount the ' Castle Hill ' supports this idea. 1 BRANDON (half-way between Coventry and Rugby). There are BRANDON. SCALE OF FEET O 100 200 500 some very extensive earthworks between the railway station and the Avon in this parish, marking the site of the important mediaeval castle which formerly stood here. The remains are on low ground, often liable to be flooded, by the side of the river. The defences appear to have consisted largely of broad moats and sheets of water very similar to those at Kenilworth ; 1 Dugdale's Warm. p. 396 ; Bloxam in B'ham and Mid. Inst. Arch. Trans. (1875), P- 3 1 5 Turner's Sbakt. Land, p. 355. 359