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ANCIENT DEFENSIVE EARTHWORKS The remains consist of a great conical artificial mount, very similar to that at Brinklow, only smaller ; it is slightly oval in shape, and measures about 70 by 100 feet in diameter at its base ; it is 25 feet high, and has a flat top about 25 feet across. Round the edge of the summit is a distinct raised rim of earth, evidently the remains of the 'fighting platform' erected within the wooden palisades which once de- fended the 'keep,' as pictured in the Dinan fort on the Bayeux Tapestry. 1 Encircling the mount is a moat, which is now how- ever almost filled up on the south side ; it was no doubt formerly supplied with water from the spring still to be seen within it. Beyond the moat on the north the ground falls away very sharply to the river below. Adjoining this moated mount on the south-east lies a courtyard, which is defended by strong entrench- ments. This, in- stead of being of , , the usual curved horseshoe shape, as at Brinklow and at Seckington, is rectangular, in which respect it resembles the courtyards at Warwick and at Tamworth. Its earthworks are still well preserved upon the north and part of the east sides, and consist of a deep moat with a rampart inside, upon which several ancient thorns and yew trees grow ; both rampart and moat have VXAV' %% "ll lv* ti<"'/ CASTLE BROMWICH SCALE OF FEET |OO 2OO 306 1 See above, p. 352. 365