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ANCIENT DEFENSIVE EARTHWORKS CLAPPER'S HILL. See Coughton. CLAVERDON (5 miles west of Warwick). Here are well preserved remains of a small oval camp, hidden away in the brambles of Barmoor Wood, on the western confines of the parish, 600 yards north-west of Kington Grange. It is situated upon the southern edge of a slight elevation, with extensive views all round. The little river Alne runs not far away from its north and west sides, and would no doubt afford good natural protection in former days, when its waters would spread out into marsh and swamp along its course. CLAVERDON A. D. 1875, after Burg-ess SCALE OF FEET o 190 2qO 390 Mr. Burgess was the first to discover and describe these earthworks. From his account, the entrenchment appears to be almost oval in form, enclosing a raised plateau of about 3! acres in extent ; this is defended by a very perfect vallum and fosse, with portions of a second vallum be- yond ; ' the inner vallum is about 20 feet broad at its base, and there appears to have been a smaller one, or perhaps the ledge for a stockade, nearer the ditch ' ; ' the outer vallum is considerably modified by the fence which surrounds it.' Mr. Burgess describes the fosse as 20 feet i 369 47