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BOTANY Hypnum *exannulatum, Gumb. i, - vernicosum, Ldb. I revolvens, Sw. i, 2 ft. Cossoni, Ren. i, 2 Intermedium, Ldb. i, 2 commutatum, Hedw. i, 2 falcatum, Brid. i, 2 cupressiforme, L. i, 2 var. resupinatum, Schp. I, 2 var. filiforme, Brid. i, 2 var. ericetorum, B. & S. 1,2 var. tectorum, Brid. i, 2 var. elatum y B. & S. I, 2 Patientiae, Lrfi. i, 2 Hypnum molluscum, Hedui. I, Limnobium palustre, Z/. i, 2 Calliergon stramineum, Dicks, i cordifolium, Hedw. i, 2 giganteum, Schp. i, 2 cuspidatum, L. I, 2 var. pungent, Schp. 2 Schreberi, JF/7/rf. i, 2 Hylocomium splendens, 5. 3" S. brevirostre, B. & S. 2 loreum, B. & S. 2 squarrosum, B. & S. i, 2 /3. calvescens, Hobk. 2 triquetrum, B & S. i, 2 THE LIVERWORTS (Hepatic*} The natural features of Warwickshire are not conducive to a rich or varied growth of the liverworts. These plants are usually found on mountain rocks or wild moorlands, on the banks of rapid streams, or where the constant spray of the waterfall keeps their home damp. In Warwickshire the comparative absence of such conditions would naturally limit the occurrence of any but the more common species. The total number of liverworts recorded for Great Britain is 220, but for War- wickshire only 50 species. The poverty of this record is in a measure due to the fact that this portion of the county flora has been neglected. Among the records the more rare are Cephalozia lunulcefolia, one of the very rare hepatics, the sporadic Riccia crystallina, only once seen and then in great abundance, and Prionolobus Turneri only recorded from three other British stations. Of the neighbouring counties Oxfordshire has only 26 recorded species, Leicestershire 48 species, Staffordshire 69 species, Worcester- shire 40 species, while for Northamptonshire there is no record. Frullania Tamarisci (L.) dilatata (L.) Radula complanata (L.) Porella platyphylla (L.) Trichocolea tomentella (Ehrh.) Lepidozia reptans (L.) Kantia trichomanis (L.) Cephalozia lunulae folia (Dum.) bicuspidata (L.) Lammersiana (Htiben.) connivens (Dicks.) curvifolia ? (Dicks.) divaricata (Sm.) stellulifera (Tayl.) Prionolobus Turneri (Hook.) Scapania nemorosa (L.) undulata (L.) irrigua (Nees) curta (Mart.) Diplophyllum albicans (L.) Lophocolea bidentata (L.) cuspidata (Limpr.) heterophylla (Schrad.) Chiloscyphus polyanthos (L.) b. rivularis, Nees Plagiochila asplenioides (L.) c. minor (Carr & Pears) Jungermannia cordifolia (Hook.) inflata (Huds.) turbinata (Raddi.) sphasrocarpa (Hook.) capitata (Hook.) bicrenata (Schmid.) porphyroleuca (Nees) ventricosa (Dicks.) crenulata (Sm.) Nardia scalaris (Schrad.) Fossombronia pusilla (L.) Pellia epiphylla (L.) calycina (Tayl.) 55