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ever forgetful of eternity. But her religion was no hypocritical service, no vain form of words!!!—It consisted in loving God and keeping his commandments, as they have been made known to us by Jesus Christ.


Go thou and do likewise.

Bloomfield has favoured us with permission to copy the annexed portrait of his mother from a picture in his possession, and has himself subjoined the following account of the last stage of her life, together with his first essay in Blank verse, which he has addressed to the Spindle that she left half filled.

"The portrait of my mother was taken on her last visit to London, in the summer of 1804, and about six months previous to her dissolution. During the period of evident decline in her strength and faculties, she conceived, in place of that patient resignation which she had before felt, an ungovernable dread of ultimate want, and observed to a relative with peculiar emphasis, that 'to meet 'Winter, Old Age, and Poverty, was like 'meeting three great giants.'