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Lady, when the moment passes
Will you smile or will you sigh?
Wine is high
In my slender amber glasses. . . . . . .
If my mouth were in the masses
Of your heavy hiding hair
Would you know or would you care?
Would you cry
For the music that has gone
If my mouth were in your neck
Vibrant as a music-speck?
If my mouth were under your own
Would breath fly?
Taste, ah, taste this pallid amber
Past its heart that lights your chamber;
When your Moor may lute again
You'll return and you'll remember,
You'll recapture what was pain
And remember and know why.


So do these ladies in the water-light
Lean forward like regret yet glimmer away
Like memories we cannot understand,
The quiet hiding way of all flesh.
Does painting hurt you with unavailingness?