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Speech of the President of the United States to both Houses of Congress
January 8th, 1790

Fellow Citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives

I embrace with great satisfaction the opportunity, which now presents itself, of congratulating you on the present favourable prospects of our public affairs. The recent accession of the important state of north Carolina to the Constitution of the United States (of which official information has been received)— the rising credit and respectability of our Country — the general and increasing good will towards the Government of the Union — and the concord, peace and plenty, with which we are blessed, are circumstances, auspicious in an eminent degree to our national prosperity.

In resuming your consultations for the general good, you cannot but derive encouragement from the reflection that the measures of the last Session have been as satisfactory to your Constituents, as the novelty and difficulty of the work allowed you to hope. — Still further to