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OREGON, Benton County, Corvallis, Fairbanks, J. Leo, House, 316 NW 32nd (02/14/85)
OREGON, Clackamas County, Oregon City, Gray-Hackett House, 415 17th St. (02/14/85)
OREGON, Deschutes County, Bend, Old United States Post Office, 745 NW Wall (02/14/85)
OREGON, Multnomah County, Portland, Monastery of the Precious Blood, 1208 SE 76th (02/14/85)

PUERTO RICO, Aguadilla County, Camuy vicinity, Hacienda La Sabana, PR 119 (02/14/85)

VIRGINIA, Augusta County, Swoope, Intervale, VA 720 (02/14/85)
VIRGINIA, Charlottesville (Independent City), Wertland Street Historic District (Charlottesville MRA), Wertland St. between 10th and 14th Sts. (02/14/85)
VIRGINIA, Staunton (Independent City), Gospel Hill Historic District, Roughly bounded by E. Beverly, N. Market, E. Frederick and Kalorama Sts. (02/14/85)
VIRGINIA, Wythe County, Fosters Falls vicinity, Graham, Maj. David, House, VA 619 and 626 (02/14/85)

The following property was also entered in the National Register but was excluded from a previous notice:

COLORADO, Pueblo County, Pueblo, Carlile, James N., House, 44 Carlile Pl. (02/08/85)

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