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——in new modern book-magazine form

Press Comment

Shakespeare's Plays

In Magazine Form


By William Shakespeare. Edited by Farnworth Wright. Chicago: Wright's Shakespeare Library, 35 cents.

Here is a brand-new idea in publishing the Shakespeare plays, this being the first of the series. In this magazine-like publication, the complete authentic text is printed in large and beautiful type on good paper with ample margin, with 25 drawings by Virgil Finlay. The purpose is to make Shakespeare as attractive to everybody as he should be. Both the editor and the illustrator are Shakespeare enthusiasts, and they are realizing a life-long dream in thus presenting the plays in the most readable form at a popular price. Only the spelling and the punctuation have been modernized, and at the end there is a glossary and a series of comments.

A Midsummer Nights Dream.
By William Shakespeare. Wright's Shakespeare Library. A de luxe edition with authentic text, large print and 25 excellent illustrations.

A Midsummer Nights Dream. By William Shakespeare. Magazine form edition. Wright's Shakespeare Library, Chicago, 35 cents.

An edition of the classic at a price within reach of all. Authentic text, lavish illustrations, good paper, designed to sell on the magazine stands.

the features:

  • A de luxe edition.
  • Twenty-five exquisite illustrations.
  • Complete and most authentic text.
  • Large, graceful type.
  • Ample artistic margins.
  • Good book paper.
  • Modernized spelling and punctuation.
  • Attractive cover design.
  • Only 35 cents.
  • A beautiful Shakespeare you will be proud to own.

Cover of a copy of "A Mindsummer Night's Dream", printed in blue ink.


Now on sale


Wright's Shakespeare Library

840 North Michigan Avenue

Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A.