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Cartoon of a woman being interrupted coming out of the shower by two guests, a man and a woman.

It's annoying when folks just drop in…but

infectious dandruff

is more annoying still!

Woman embracing a suited man, while looking with concern at the dandruff on his shoulder.

Get after it with Listerine at the first sign of trouble

What makes the infectious type of dandruff so annoying, so distressing, are those troublesome flakes on collar or dress...and the scalp irrtation and itching . . . that so often accompany the condition.

If you're troubled, in this way, look out—you may have this common form of dandruff so, act now before it gets worse

Has Helped Thousands

Start right in with Listerine Antiseptic and massage. This is the medical treatment that has shown such amazing results in a substantial majority of clinical test cases...the treatment that has also helped thousands of other people.

You too may find it helpful as it is delightful. Listerine is so easy, so simple to use, and so stimulating! You simply douse it on the scalp morning and night and follow with vigorous and persistent massage.

Thousands of users have marvelled at how flakes and scales begin to disappear, how much cleaner their scalps appear. And remember:

Kills "Bottle Bacillus"

Listerine kills millions of germs on scalp and hair, including Pityrosporum Ovale, the strange "Bottle Bacillus" recognized by outstanding dandruff specialists as a causative agent of infectious dandruff.

This germ-killing action, we believe, helps to explain why, in a clinical test, 70% of dandruff sufferers showed either complete disappearance of or marked improvement in the symptoms of dandruff within a month. Lambert Pharmacal Co. St. Louis Missouri

The Treatment

men: Douse full strength Listerine Antiseptic on the scalp morning and night. women: Part the hair at various places, and apply Listerine Antiseptic right along the part with a medicine dropper, to avoid wetting the hair excessively.

Always follow with vigorous and persistent massage with fingers or a good hairbrush. Continue the treatment as long as dandruff is in evidence. And even though you're free from dandruff, enjoy a Listerine Antiseptic massage once a week to guard against infection. Listerine is the same antiseptic that has been famous for more than 50 years as a mouth wash and gargle.

LISTERINE — the delightful treatment