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the penis, looks so much like the hard chancre of syphilis that it is often hard, even for a doctor, to say which it is. It may also hide a syphilitic chancre.


The only sure way to keep from getting clap and syphilis is to keep away from prostitutes or other loose women.

Antiseptic washes, lotions, ointments, and injections may help you to escape these diseases, but you cannot depend upon them.

It is not necessary to go with women to keep well. All athletes know this. The fact that famous boxers and wrestlers keep away from women while in training proves that a man is even stronger when he does not go with them.

Wet dreams are perfectly natural and do not hurt a man, in spite of what the quacks may say.


A quack is a dishonest doctor who claims to cure diseases without being able to do so. A quack often tries to make a man think he is sick in order to get his money.

Many quacks claim to cure clap and syphilis and such so-called diseases as varicocele and spermatorrhea. If you think there is anything the mat-