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WE’VE talked to you a lot since the war began about gonorrhea and syphilis. We’ve given you the straight facts as simply as we could and tried to show you why it is dangerous to go with loose women.

We’ve probably tired you at times, but you’ve listened, and you’ve made a record both you and the country can be proud of.

Our army is the cleanest in the world. You’ve made it so. You’ve made it ten times cleaner than the country. Now, we want the cleanest country too, and we’re counting on you to get it.

You can do this by telling the folks at home what we’ve told you and what you have seen with your own eyes.

You’ve seen men hanging about the base hospital in their bathrobes when they ought to have been overseas with their comrades.

You’ve seen men who’d had a close break down on a hike or go to pieces in the trenches.

Perhaps you’ve seen some friend of yours afraid to go home to his wife or sweetheart because the surgeon told him he had syphilis.